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I Remember…

I remember.. As a child I remember sitting in my bathroom at night brushing my teeth. When everything was quiet and everyone was winding down…it was dark and quiet outside as well. I would take a deep breath and listen quietly as the train would whistle. To this day that is one sound that vividly […]

Sweet Caroline 

I was driving down the road this morning and started having flashbacks on childbirth and the journey that followed Carolines birth. She is 4 months now and I feel like it was lifetimes ago that she was born. Between RSV and the flu plus the infection she got at the hospital…it was a whirlwind of […]

The Plan.

For those of you who keep up with me on social media or read my blogs on the regular all know my birth plan. You know, the one where I went all natural with no pain medications and no interventions whatsoever? Yeah, that one. Well, for those of you interested…here is my birth story.  Tuesday- […]

New Year? New Me? 

   New year new me? Not exactly. Every single year I’ve used this phrase. The new year rolls around and I feel it’s a great time to correct myself. To create a new form of perfection. To make less mistakes and to pretend I’m anything but flawed.  The start of a new year has always […]

Sleepy Eyes

  Oh goodness Hello all!   It’s been a little while since my last post.  A lot has been going on. Some I can get into and others, well, I can’t.  First off, me and my daughter have been out of commission for a while. Nasty cold or something of the sorts. We missed days […]

Hello, I am a little insane

And since I am being real here, if you are following me on instagram(@Lexruns92)..You saw how I shared this picture. I am currently typing this up while sitting in pants I have been in for like, six days straight. They are pretty much just a part of me by now(totally horrible, but totally honest). And […]

Pretend some more..

   Let’s get real. –One of the worst feelings on planet earth is feeling like you can’t escape yourself. It’s tragic really. The feeling where you can’t get away from your own thoughts. That moment when you just lose it. You break down. All you want to do is sleep but you can do anything […]

Where I am 

   good evening everyone, I hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday! I know I did. It was filled with coffee, cleaning, Crossfit, my daughter, ice cream, Halloween candy, and yes, blogging. Sounds like a Sunday well spent to me! As my readers I want to share goals and dreams with you all. As I have […]