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Let’s Talk Body-Postpartum

Hey y’all!  Let’s talk body again! This time, I want to speak on postpartum. I am 5 days Postpartum.  (9 months pregnant, 1 day postpartum, 5 days postpartum)  As most of you know I have stayed fit through my pregnancy. One of my big goals was to workout until my due date just as long […]

Don’t You See?

She steps in front of a mirror.     It’s unlike any mirror she has ever seen in her life. It is one of those full length mirrors you might lay up against the wall. It’s lines in thick wood with some kind of beautiful designs carved into it. The wood is painted white as […]

Where I amĀ 

   good evening everyone, I hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday! I know I did. It was filled with coffee, cleaning, Crossfit, my daughter, ice cream, Halloween candy, and yes, blogging. Sounds like a Sunday well spent to me! As my readers I want to share goals and dreams with you all. As I have […]