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  Family and fitness.  Two things I am very passionate about. One question I get a lot when talking about fitness is “How and when do you have time? So, I know I am a stay at home mom.  In turn, it is a tad bit easier than if I had a full time job. […]

Strange, Random thoughts

   Oh hello there. It’s been weeks since I’ve put my thoughts down. Sorry about that. It’s been a rough few weeks. I will go into more of that at a later time. Now though, isn’t that time. This is time to say life is full of grief. Life is full of happiness.  Today I […]

Hello, I am a little insane

And since I am being real here, if you are following me on instagram(@Lexruns92)..You saw how I shared this picture. I am currently typing this up while sitting in pants I have been in for like, six days straight. They are pretty much just a part of me by now(totally horrible, but totally honest). And […]

The most wonderful time of the year?

   The struggle some days is so real.This day in particular has taken a lot out of me. As the holidays are creeping up closer and closer I am just emotionally exhausted. Coming from someone who use to adore the holidays this fact is completely heart breaking. With everything that has happened lately there is […]