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  Family and fitness.  Two things I am very passionate about. One question I get a lot when talking about fitness is “How and when do you have time? So, I know I am a stay at home mom.  In turn, it is a tad bit easier than if I had a full time job. […]

Is It Worth It?

A life worth living      This is something that has always sparked my mind. What exactly IS a life worth living? What makes it worthwhile? What makes you wake up in the mornings and keep going? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when I think about what makes life worth […]

Let’s Talk Body Part THREE

I’m backkkkk!    Between finding really awesome earthy shops, to exploring Tree Hill North Carolina to being complete beach bums…I haven’t written in a few days. Honestly, I’ve been soaking up way too many Rays, spending money, and eating ridiculously good sea food. So here I am. Back at it again!  Let’s talk body shall […]

To Feel Is To Live

   To feel alive. You don’t need to be in any special place at any particular time to feel alive. You could feel alive anywhere. I took that feeling in this weekend as my little family was outside pretty much all weekend. We were in our own personal little slice of heaven in the mountains. […]


   When I was younger, years ago. I use to believe in things. I use to believe in the smallest of creatures.  I use to sit and wonder if one would ever show itself to me. I would create homes and gardens and circles for them to dance inside of. I use to dream of […]

Pastels And Pale Pink

   You Are Enough That is one simple statement that means so much.  In a world full of people just looking to tear you down, there is a world full of people looking to build you up. The first person you should look to, yourself.  You should be the first person to build yourself up. […]

Simply Simple

   I have never known a whole lot about fashion. I didn’t use to know what was “in” and what wasn’t. I honestly didn’t care about what I wore or looked like in high school. It didn’t really matter to me.  I use to live in tshirts and jeans or even sweatpants.     I had […]

The Flip Side

   •Repost from my old blog•    I am going to go on about something other than fitness and body related posts. I guess in a way this ties into the whole thing. I just wanted to make a post on the one thing in my life that gets me down like nothing else.  Anxiety.  […]

Dear Sensitive Soul..

   “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel so deeply”   Dear sensitive soul, Some days you may feel frustrated about how small your soul may feel. Some days you feel like you want to throw in this whole nice person personality and let anger rawr. Oh, dear soul, you were not […]

Take Your Time

     Hey ladies. I’m talking to you here. Men, you might could get something too. But this one is me reaching out to ladies. Young ladies in particular. If there was a one sentence I could go back and tell my teenage self. It would be this.  “Take your time.” I would simply state […]