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  Family and fitness.  Two things I am very passionate about. One question I get a lot when talking about fitness is “How and when do you have time? So, I know I am a stay at home mom.  In turn, it is a tad bit easier than if I had a full time job. […]

Boots or Bows?

We have some lovely news. Would our baby be boots or bows? For those of you who know my family know that there are a lack of boys! Everyone has sisters and bless my dads heart he has ALWAYS been surrounded by women. Always! We were wondering if this time we would add a little […]

Pregnancy round two.

   Pregnancy round two. I had so many ideas of how this pregnancy was going to be different from my first. I had dreams of healthy eating and long runs and continuing my heavy lifting. I was going to stay super fit and be this super Crossfit pregnant women. Wrong. This pregnancy is different. This […]

To Feel Is To Live

   To feel alive. You don’t need to be in any special place at any particular time to feel alive. You could feel alive anywhere. I took that feeling in this weekend as my little family was outside pretty much all weekend. We were in our own personal little slice of heaven in the mountains. […]


   When I was younger, years ago. I use to believe in things. I use to believe in the smallest of creatures.  I use to sit and wonder if one would ever show itself to me. I would create homes and gardens and circles for them to dance inside of. I use to dream of […]

Take Your Time

     Hey ladies. I’m talking to you here. Men, you might could get something too. But this one is me reaching out to ladies. Young ladies in particular. If there was a one sentence I could go back and tell my teenage self. It would be this.  “Take your time.” I would simply state […]

Oh my. You Look Lovely Today.

 I read a quote this morning that hit a spark. “You never know when you might be seeing a person for the last time” It hit something in my heart. This quote could mean different things for different people of course. And even for me it means a few different things.  You’ll never know when […]

Strange, Random thoughts

   Oh hello there. It’s been weeks since I’ve put my thoughts down. Sorry about that. It’s been a rough few weeks. I will go into more of that at a later time. Now though, isn’t that time. This is time to say life is full of grief. Life is full of happiness.  Today I […]

Just Breathe.

    (Because I had to share the “ok, but first coffee” shirt) duh. Oh goodness. How long has it been? Well, too long really. Life has been going on as usual. I’m happy to report that the drama that had been my life for almost 6 months is now almost completely gone. I’m happy to […]

Compare This…

Living life without watching those around us is extremely hard.      Watching as the neighbor gets new things, buys that new car, has the latest and greatest, has better legs, a flatter tummy, a perfect relationship with their children, with their spouse… Sometimes comparison is overwhelming. That’s why we should just stop. We should […]