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The Dream

    Hey guys and gals! Here I am telling you this dream from the comfort of my king sized bed. In my comfy house. (Keep that in mind as you read)   So, I have been stuck as some of you know with where to take my blog. I have been brainstorming and praying […]

The Importance Of The Journey

   The journey to finding yourself really isn’t an easy one. Self acceptance is hard at times. It’s a beautiful place to find yourself in. And it is possible to get there. And honestly, I’m not really sure how to tell you when you’ve found yourself. I guess it’s a process you just feel, you just […]

To Feel Is To Live

   To feel alive. You don’t need to be in any special place at any particular time to feel alive. You could feel alive anywhere. I took that feeling in this weekend as my little family was outside pretty much all weekend. We were in our own personal little slice of heaven in the mountains. […]

Strange, Random thoughts

   Oh hello there. It’s been weeks since I’ve put my thoughts down. Sorry about that. It’s been a rough few weeks. I will go into more of that at a later time. Now though, isn’t that time. This is time to say life is full of grief. Life is full of happiness.  Today I […]

Just Breathe.

    (Because I had to share the “ok, but first coffee” shirt) duh. Oh goodness. How long has it been? Well, too long really. Life has been going on as usual. I’m happy to report that the drama that had been my life for almost 6 months is now almost completely gone. I’m happy to […]

Sleepy Eyes

  Oh goodness Hello all!   It’s been a little while since my last post.  A lot has been going on. Some I can get into and others, well, I can’t.  First off, me and my daughter have been out of commission for a while. Nasty cold or something of the sorts. We missed days […]

Compare This…

Living life without watching those around us is extremely hard.      Watching as the neighbor gets new things, buys that new car, has the latest and greatest, has better legs, a flatter tummy, a perfect relationship with their children, with their spouse… Sometimes comparison is overwhelming. That’s why we should just stop. We should […]

The Good, The bad

“You can not protect yourself from the sadness without protecting yourself from happiness” -Jonathan Safran I find this so incredibly true. I fully believe you can not have one without the other. Every single thing I have been through in life has put me on the track to where I am today. If you know […]

Hello, I am a little insane

And since I am being real here, if you are following me on instagram(@Lexruns92)..You saw how I shared this picture. I am currently typing this up while sitting in pants I have been in for like, six days straight. They are pretty much just a part of me by now(totally horrible, but totally honest). And […]