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Hey There!

(Happy 6 months of breast feeding to me and this little) Hey friends! It’s been a quick minute since I made a post. Partially because time has gotten away from me, I have a very needy 6 month old, and my computer has pretty much bit the dust. So the oldest daughter starts first grade […]

Closet Purge And Living Small Update

Hello everyone!  I’ve been spending my days purging our house. This is something that has to be done before we can move.  I have to decide what’s important and what’s not.  Now, we aren’t getting rid of EVERYTHING. We will decide what’s going in storage, what we can sell, and what will come with us […]

Dear Sensitive Soul..

   “It is both a blessing and a curse to feel so deeply”   Dear sensitive soul, Some days you may feel frustrated about how small your soul may feel. Some days you feel like you want to throw in this whole nice person personality and let anger rawr. Oh, dear soul, you were not […]