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  Family and fitness.  Two things I am very passionate about. One question I get a lot when talking about fitness is “How and when do you have time? So, I know I am a stay at home mom.  In turn, it is a tad bit easier than if I had a full time job. […]

Boots or Bows?

We have some lovely news. Would our baby be boots or bows? For those of you who know my family know that there are a lack of boys! Everyone has sisters and bless my dads heart he has ALWAYS been surrounded by women. Always! We were wondering if this time we would add a little […]

Pregnancy round two.

   Pregnancy round two. I had so many ideas of how this pregnancy was going to be different from my first. I had dreams of healthy eating and long runs and continuing my heavy lifting. I was going to stay super fit and be this super Crossfit pregnant women. Wrong. This pregnancy is different. This […]


   As I sat in my front yard this weekend searching for four leaf clovers and picking wild flowers with my daughter I couldn’t help to think back to when I was younger. I remember sitting in the yard of one of our neighbors and searching for four leaf clovers. I remember not being able […]

Is It Worth It?

A life worth living      This is something that has always sparked my mind. What exactly IS a life worth living? What makes it worthwhile? What makes you wake up in the mornings and keep going? These are just some of the questions that come to mind when I think about what makes life worth […]

Watch Your Toes

I once was told I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion on something because I hadn’t ever been in that particular situation before. I kind of wanted to say…how about you just shut up…because you know nothing about me or any situation I’ve been in before. But that’s not very kind and it would do […]

The Importance Of The Journey

   The journey to finding yourself really isn’t an easy one. Self acceptance is hard at times. It’s a beautiful place to find yourself in. And it is possible to get there. And honestly, I’m not really sure how to tell you when you’ve found yourself. I guess it’s a process you just feel, you just […]

She Loves To Love

     Free as the waves in the ocean.    When she realized she couldn’t be held down, she ran.  She became brave. She became peaceful as the still of the night.     Her cup began to overflow with happiness that couldn’t be taken away. Some tried. But couldn’t shake her. She has deep roots […]