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Let’s Talk Body-Postpartum

Hey y’all!  Let’s talk body again! This time, I want to speak on postpartum. I am 5 days Postpartum.  (9 months pregnant, 1 day postpartum, 5 days postpartum)  As most of you know I have stayed fit through my pregnancy. One of my big goals was to workout until my due date just as long […]

Let’s Talk Body Part Two

   Hey lovelies. Body body body. Something the world has taught us to pick at and hate. We stand in front of a mirror day in and day out and nitpick at what we don’t like about our bodies.  We say things to ourselves like, if you only had a smaller waist, if you had […]

Let’s Talk Body – Part One

   There was an article I read recently about letting go of fitness in a sense. Or maybe in better terms not obsessing over fitness. I’ve been on a whirlwind of a fitness journey since 2011.  It’s had its numbers of ups and downs. It has challenged my body and my mind more than I […]


   Body shaming. I’ve written on this subject before. And I’ll write about it over and over again.  With national women’s day being yesterday(which I never knew even existed. Is there a national man day too? Just curious. Anyways…), I was watching as a lot of celebs were shaming one another. Women in particular. I […]