About Me

Hello all!


I’m Alexis, Lexie for short…and if you want to make it even shorter…you can call me Lex.


Here is a little bit about me.

I am from Georgia. A georgia peach if you may. I have a touch of southern in my blood but I am quite the city girl. I was raised in a smaller town but my heart truly belongs in the mountains. My favorite season is Fall. I love all things food. And I have a beautiful daughter.


A little about my writing background.

I have always had a love for writing. It started off in middle school when I finally discovered my love for reading. I fell in love with the many books and characters I would read about. I wanted to create something myself. I wanted to make people fall in love with my characters and my words. I wanted to make people feel a certain kind of way and love my work. I wrote a few books that I have yet to share with anyone to this day. I wrote those books in highschool and a few years after.

I had started a few blogs that went absolutely nowhere in high school. I prefered writing my books. In 2013 I started my last blog(Lexruns.com). I started it to document my marathon journey. I had no plans of it really going anywhere. It was basically an online journal for me to put my thoughts and feelings about training. Once the marathon came and went I didn’t touch the blog again. I discovered my own blog again in August of 2015 and decided to pick it back up. Again, it was just an online journal where I would put my opinions and had zero intention of it going anywhere. It got a good bit of follows and views and I got plenty of great feedback from my friends and family.

I decided that it was time for me to take the next step and purchase a blog through a host. And…here I am.

Follow along with me on this awesome journey to becoming a better blogger. It is a learning process and I adore everything about it. I love writing and I am so glad to finally share it with the world in the way I love. Now, let me introduce you to my face.





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I so look forward to sharing my life happening, opinions, and just plain love for life with you all.