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Pregnancy round two.

Please follow and like us:0   Pregnancy round two. I had so many ideas of how this pregnancy was going to be different from my first. I had dreams of healthy eating and long runs and continuing my heavy lifting. I was going to stay super fit and be this super Crossfit pregnant women. Wrong. This […]

Oh hey there.

Please follow and like us:0   (Pregnancy in real life) haha!  Oh my goodness it has been FOREVER since I have written a blog! Mostly because my days are spent counting down the hours at work trying not to pay attention to the constant nausea that is my life currently. What is this constant and heavy […]

Lessons Of Forgiveness

Please follow and like us:0     It was a normal morning getting ready for work and school. I had gotten myself ready then woke up my 5 year old daughter. We got ready and of course by the time we were getting in the car we were a few minutes late leaving(which is pretty normal for […]

How I Feel About The F Word

Please follow and like us:0I know you’re probably thinking…which F word are we talking about here? We have the F bomb(fu*%) and the lovely Friday. But I’m not speaking of either of those. Nope. I’m speaking on Feminism. This is a subject I tend to stay away from. Mostly because of the drama it brings […]

Through My Eyes

Please follow and like us:0   Through my eyes there is so much to be seen. I don’t always pay super close attention to life…I should probably be more aware of my surroundings… But, there are things that do tend to stick out in my life. There is one that stands out uniquely. Matthew. This is […]

Timing Is Everything

Please follow and like us:0   As some of you may know, I adore photography. Ever since my parents got me my little Nikon D40 back in high school for me to take to holland with me. I have always loved taking pictures. Some may say I’m the selfie queen. And some may say I’m picture […]

Another one bites the dust

Please follow and like us:0   As my head is spinning from the complete and utter confusion from a Facebook debate I couldn’t help to remember I haven’t written a blog in quite a few days. My mind is reeling and I’ve been thinking so much. I’ve been thinking so much about all the different ways […]

I Get It From My Momma

Please follow and like us:0     On this Mother’s Day weekend I wanted to take the time to talk about some women in my life who are so dear to me. My mother obviously is first and foremost. She is my rock. She is my shoulder to cry on when times have been oh so […]


Please follow and like us:0   As I sat in my front yard this weekend searching for four leaf clovers and picking wild flowers with my daughter I couldn’t help to think back to when I was younger. I remember sitting in the yard of one of our neighbors and searching for four leaf clovers. I […]