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The Plan

Please follow and like us:0 It feels good to be back writing again. And though I still don’t do it as often as I would like..I am working on it.   I really want to get off my chest some anxiety and such. You know, feelings I have been having. Since after all, that is […]

Oh My…

Please follow and like us:0 Let’s talk depression, pregnancy, and my favorite, hormones. Look, it’s midnight. I’m crying. Why? Part of me says it’s because my husband is states away on our one year wedding anniversary and the other half of me pegs it on pregnancy hormones. Whatever it is, it blows. If you know […]

Let’s Talk Body…Pregnancy

Please follow and like us:0     Let’s talk that body image once again.   This time though, I want to speak on pregnancy and body image.   Becoming pregnant and even before…I thought my issues I have faced with my body would fade. Because being pregnant makes you all glowing and stuff right? I […]

Oh, What A Year It Has Been

Please follow and like us:0 (And can we please discuss my awesome Qalo ring too?! It is pink and sparkly and I can wear it while I workout. LOVE.)   Coffee. Gilmore Girls. Christmas decor. Cozy slippers.   It is a perfect Monday back after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving week was AMAZING. I am however so exhausted […]

When Skies Are Grey

Please follow and like us:0     This week is an emotional one. And I am not speaking only in the sense of the way this election has gone and the reactions it has caused.   For me this week has been a roller coaster full of emotions. This week held one of the biggest […]

Some Days

Please follow and like us:0It is time for a very real, raw, and honest post.   If you’ve followed my blogging over the past few years you know I love my raw blog posts. I like being real and raw with my readers. I like to connect on a deeper level with you all. I […]

Mom Life 

Please follow and like us:0“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill    As times go by we learn about many different things. We learn about who our true friends are, we learn even about who we are. We are constantly growing into […]

Getting There

Please follow and like us:0 As I am just a few days away from 18 weeks pregnant I have so much flying through my brain.   I have already made a few decisions on some things. First off, I will cloth diaper(I know. Crazy right?). Secondly, I have decided on a nursery theme(which of course […]

Boots or Bows?

Please follow and like us:0We have some lovely news. Would our baby be boots or bows? For those of you who know my family know that there are a lack of boys! Everyone has sisters and bless my dads heart he has ALWAYS been surrounded by women. Always! We were wondering if this time we […]