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Pretend some more..

   Let’s get real. –One of the worst feelings on planet earth is feeling like you can’t escape yourself. It’s tragic really. The feeling where you can’t get away from your own thoughts. That moment when you just lose it. You break down. All you want to do is sleep but you can do anything […]

The prince to the princess

   This one in particular is to the ladies. Ladies, You grew up being taught(I’m sure) that women are to be treated as princesses. That we are to be treated with respect and to find someone in this life that will care for us and love us and treat us with pure respect, always.  Something […]

Role ReversalĀ 

    In a growing world where roles are becoming less and less clear… In our grandparents and great grandparents and even some of our parents days…men were men and women were women. In everyday life women had their roles and men had their roles. It’s just how it was. Men worked and brought home the […]

Oh the love

As adults we are always wishing we could go back to the days when things were much more simple than now. We wish we could go into our children’s minds and know what they are thinking.   So, tonight that is just what I am going to do. I am going to step into my […]

Into the depths we go…

  As the media coverage of Lamar Odom becomes older and older news with each passing day../I wanted to bring it back in the spot light. Not nessasarly Mr. Odom himself, but his sickness. You see, Mr. Odom is an addict. He has issues. Clearly. But, don’t we all? Are any of us perfect? No. […]

That red cup…

  The Starbucks red cup is back yall!   Why I don’t care about this?   First, I am not a huge fan of Starbucks. I prefer my breakfast blend of Folgers over Starbucks anyway. I throw some half in half in my coffee made at home and I am golden.   I like my […]

Where I amĀ 

   good evening everyone, I hope everyone had a fabulous Sunday! I know I did. It was filled with coffee, cleaning, Crossfit, my daughter, ice cream, Halloween candy, and yes, blogging. Sounds like a Sunday well spent to me! As my readers I want to share goals and dreams with you all. As I have […]

The most wonderful time of the year?

   The struggle some days is so real.This day in particular has taken a lot out of me. As the holidays are creeping up closer and closer I am just emotionally exhausted. Coming from someone who use to adore the holidays this fact is completely heart breaking. With everything that has happened lately there is […]

Behind the mask…

Hello all and happy Halloween! Since we are gearing up for a whole bunch of people running around pretending to be someone they aren’t…it sparked a post idea in my brain. People pretending to be someone they aren’t. I figured on Halloween this topic would be appropriate. Look, I’m so guilty of this. I’ve pretending […]