by Howard Francis

By Howard Francis

  • Release Date: 2016-05-19
  • Genre: Latin America
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2016 edition has 443 pages, over 18 hours of videos, 310 color pictures, 5 slideshows and 225 interactive review  questions. The 28 chapters of this book are organized into 4 parts. 
Tourism: Over 100 videos of exotic wildlife and fun places to go and see.
Business: Over 1,300 pages of PDFs from NGOs and the US, UK, EU and Panama governments explaining how to do business in Panama and its realities. Many contacts provided. Over 100 pages of facts and insights. 
Retirement: Many insights into ways Americans, Canadians and Europeans can take advantage of Panama for their retirement. Medical and Dental Tourism are overviewed and US HMOs that cover operations and procedures in Panama.
CORE: Over 53 economic reasons that Panama is Latin America’s economic star.


  • Best travel and retirement book about Panama

    By Flirr_guy
    Download the free 100 page sample ebook by clicking on Get Sample. Expect to be amazed with the new Apple eBook technologies this authour used to make this book. Over 12 hours of videos over 240 colour pictures. Swiping on the screen is amazing. Chock full of very impressive economic facts about why panama is the best place for Canadians to take a tropical vacation, or buy a home.
  • Most impressive travel book I have ever read and is optimized for an iPad.

    By Traveling Howie
    This ebook was published using a new Apple software program that enables interactive trivia questions, slide shows etc. It combines fun things with serious economic matters that make a very compelling case for Panama that neither I, nor anyone else I know, knew about concerning the Republic of Panama. Its very apparent that Panama has a great deal going for it if you are looking for place to retire or visit that is safe. The Martinelli national government appear to be very clever at economic development. Their results are spectacular. There sis a new permanent residency visa my wife and I can use that enables us to work part time from Panama or we can graduate to their retirement visa in a few years from now when we can finally check out of the rate race which provides discounts on most things in Panama. The ebook has the most impressive and unique capabilities I have ever seen in any book. I loved how you can swipe with 4 fingers and alternate between the videos and the ebook - so fluid and so well executed. It also will mirror onto your TV and you can listen in stereo - now THAT is impressive to see. To do that you have to own a $99 Apple TV device and it mirrors what s on your iPad. Kids loved watching the animals and surfers. I love how you can make notes and cards and email them to people to plan a trip or share parts of the eBook that you liked the most. Apple is brilliant and it looks like they have knocked the ball out of the ball park yet again with the new software that authours can now use to create vastly superior eBooks which provide a much more immersive experience. It kind of virtually exploring Panama from your chesterfield while having a drink….loved it - its true entertainment. There are over 60 videos of the animals of Panama - my favorite two are the Harpy Eagle snatching a sloth out of a tree and flying off with it for dinner and the Humpback whales singing on the surface while doing cartwheels. On Page 1 of the ebook the authour says…that this ebook is less something you read than a looking glass you step into like Alice in the book Alice in Wonderland to hear the sights and sounds of tropical paradise far, far away…truer words were never spoken. There are 100 pages or so of very serious economic facts and the most compelling arguments I have ever seen to choose Panama to buy a home, retire, get a dental operation and save 60% etc. Download the FREE 100 page sample to experience a new standard in travel ebooks that everyone will want. Its like comparing 2012 technology with 1950s technology…night and day. or save the time and just buy it. I love my iPad and these new types of books called multi touch are the only way to go.