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Until It Wasn’t…

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We spent the day together.  It misted on and off and the wind didn’t seem too bad.  People all around Georgia were losing their power.  We cooked dinner a little earlier than normal because we have electric.  We wanted to make sure dinner was made before we lost any power.  But, we probably wouldn’t.  So I thought.

The wind started to pick up more and more.  The poor chickens didn’t even take cover.  They stood closely in a line huddled together tightly.  I guess the wind, cool weather, and rain was confusing them too.

They stayed that way pretty much all day long.

As the night took over so did the weather.  The wind picked up.  The house started to creak more and more.  The windows would rattle.  Our oldest girls bedtime rolled around.  We tucked her in and said our prayers.  Not too long after getting her in bed we laid down ourselves.  Then, bam.  Gone went the power.  All the lights shut off and so did our fans.


With the eerie quiet of the house we laid there.  Our oldest is so scared of the dark.  I had to go calm her down and light some candles.  We thought we were out of the storm because we hadn’t lost power all day.  I didn’t think it would be too big of a deal around here because I had not been keeping up with the radar.  My bad.

Okay, so the power was out right?  I mean, I am sure it will be back on soon.

We saw a few transformers blow and light up the night.  Creepy.

We laid there in bed in the quiet and listened to the wind.  It was pretty terrifying.  They say in our area we had a tunnel like affect because we got wind from two different directions.  We had recorded winds of 70 MPH apparently too.

When they say a tornado sounds like a train coming…I now understand why.  The winds it brings with it.  We didn’t have tornadoes of course…but we did have winds that we thought were the trains.

You could hear the wind coming.  It would get closer and closer to the house and finally hit our house.  Our house would rattle.  The windows would shake.  It was not pleasant.  I thought we lived in the mountains.  I didn’t realize we would get a tropical storm in the Georgia mountains.  Boy, I was wrong.

We were one of the lucky ones who only lost power for right under 24 hours.  It was not a very fun 24 hours.  We made do though.  We had breakfast at the nearest town that actually had power.  We drank hot coffee surrounded by people who were also there escaping their cold and dark houses.


Let’s also not forget that this “tropical storm” was in the middle of one of September’s coldest days.  So odd.  I am so thankful it was cold though.  It helped to have zero tornadoes.

I have learned I would not be able to survive during a true hurricane season, therefore the beach life is not for me.  Ha ha.  This Georgia girl is not into the whole hurricane thing.  I can’t do without coffee.  No way.


I mean, no power means no coffee… well, unless you have the gas powered outdoor burner.  Then you just boil water and pour over coffee.  Which we discovered mid afternoon on the day of no power.  All my days have run together…so I don’t even remember which day the power was out.  Oops.


We had fun regardless of no power.  It was an adventure to say the least.  If I never have to hear those kinds of winds again I will be perfectly okay.  I can’t imagine living through 100+ SUSTAINED winds.  Ours came and went.  Squalls I believe they are called.

I wish I had gotten more pictures of when we lost power.  I didn’t though.  So the few I have will have to do.  We also tried plugging the coffee maker into an adapter we have in my car.  It blew my fuse in my car.  Opps.  Lessons learned.  Prepare more for the storm that may or may not hit you.  Because it most likely will.  

I hope everyone is staying safe.  I am praying for all the men and women working long hours to get everyone their power back.

I hate when devastation happens… But seeing the community come together and people helping people is amazing.  My sister opened her house up to a family she didn’t know from Florida.  And last night I passed by 6 power trucks from Alabama at 9 PM.  I love watching people help one another.  It is nice to see there are hard working and loving people left in this world.

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