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Get in the picture mama.


I know it’s hard at times…you know, with your undone hair and no make up. It is hard to get ready and look cute after a long exhausting night of feeding a needy baby.


It’s hard to even think of stepping in front of a camera these days.


If you know me, you know I’m a behind the camera kind of gal.


I feel much better pushing the shutter button than smiling in front of the lens.

I went from selfie queen to… well, not the selfie queen.

I traded my designer bags for bags under my eyes. Isn’t what they say?

But mamas… I saw something the other day that hit me like a ton of bricks…or a really fast big truck….

Your child will not care what you looked like in the picture. What if one day, when you’re gone…they have no pictures of you.. all because you didn’t have the energy and you weren’t “put together” like you think you should be?


This kind of struck me like a bolt of lightning. Oh my gosh. I have hardly been in ANY photos for the first EIGHT months of my child’s life. And I really only have a handful of me and my oldest. All because I just never feel put together enough.

How are they going to feel when they look back and have no physical memories or pictures of me?

I simply cannot let that happen.


Thankfully, my husband can do anything and he has picked up photography right along with me. He sticks that camera in my face and gets some really great shots. Even when I’m not all done up.


He recently took some pictures of me fresh out of bed. He made me feel great about myself. In a way, I can literally see myself through his eyes.


It’s such a process I know.  It is not always easy. But one day, your kids will thank you. And one day you might want to look back at your younger self too.

Have fun. Smile. Be silly. Be you. And snap a few photos to make time stand still. You will always hold on to the memories. And so will your babies.


Thanks for reading,


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