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As a mom to a young baby…and a stay at home mom… the times I get to get out of the house and explore are few and far between.

I worked half way through my pregnancy.  Long story short, I was tired and sick and driving a long way to and from work just wasn’t worth it anymore.

So, I became a stay at home mama.  It is hard at times to be in the house for days and days on end.  We get outside a lot, but we don’t go to a lot of places during the week.  Without my better half, I am not that adventurous.

Before having Caroline, me and the hubs would do a ton of weekend things.  We would go a lot of places and see a lot of things.  When Caroline was born she had a TON of health issues.  We were actually ordered by the doctor to keep her home until she was about 3ish months old.  Which made it super hard to get out.

Fast forward to today.  My hubby took a promotion and took over an on call team.  Meaning, he goes on call and has to be readily available 24/7 for a week.  Well, he was on call for 2 weeks straight this last time.  He worked a lot.  I appreciate his hard work and dedication to his family and his company.  It is so inspiring to me.  But this time of work took away from us time.  Which is totally okay because I understand it is temporary of course.

He took off work Friday-Monday.  To say I was excited was an understatement.  If you have ever had a baby you know the husband and wife time dwindles down a bit once the baby is born.  You do your best but the baby is helpless and so reliant that that is just how it is.  Anyways, we were suppose to go hiking on Saturday.  Caroline adores hiking and being outdoors.  It is where we are all happiest.  So, hiking is a fun and free thing we do.  Friday night my hubs asked me if I would rather go to Asheville North Carolina to take pictures of the city.


Ummmm, DUH.  I mean, what kind of silly question is that?!  Let’s go!


So, we woke up, got ready, loaded up the baby things and the camera things and headed off.


First off, we stopped at the Biltmore Estate.  Tickets ended up being $65 per person, so we skipped that one for the day. (We do plan on doing that one of these days though.  I have heard it is amazing.)


We walked around the city and saw some interesting sights.  We saw barefooted hippies singing about love and peace, an older couple playing guitar and singing, we saw shopping(Urban Outfitters duh), and a few random people playing chess.  We made our way to the Art District by the river and ate lunch there.  We saw interesting graffiti and expressions of each person who painted the pictures.  We saw political statements and smiles.


When we first got into the city I spotted Urban Outfitters(As I said above).  If any of you know me…you know my obsession with clothes and shopping.  So, naturally we had to make a stop there.  Matt was thrilled of course(Ha ha ha).  He kindly waited outside while I tried a few things on…and left with a cute and comfy shirt.


We ate at a really awesome taco joint.  It was not your average taco joint.  It was duck tacos, buffalo chicken tacos, fancy beef tacos, and many others.  It was unique and fun just like Asheville itself.  Asheville gives off it’s own unique vibe.  It is a hip town in the middle of the North Carolina mountains.


The Art District was my favorite.  Tons of old buildings with graffiti all over there.  Statements made everywhere of stories people want to tell through pictures.  It is pretty amazing if I must say.  So much to see.


Before deciding to head out of Asheville we got a little lost and discovered an old and run down state prison.  We went to turn around and follow our GPS and we pulled right into it’s parking lot.


We ended the day with a trip to the North Carolina Arboretum.  There was a wedding going on and so many beautiful plants to see.  It was nice and cool and overcast(Perfect for pictures).


On the way home we decided to take the trip through South Caroline and take a different route than what we used to drive up.  Who knows we might see a new sight to stop and take pictures of?  Which, we did.  We found Table Rock in South Carolina.  A must see I think if you’re around there.


Day trips are so much fun and much needed.  Matt and I love to explore.  You don’t have to go far.  There are places waiting to be seen all around you.  Sometimes kids can make it a little bit more of a challenge to get up and go.  But I believe they are the reason to get up and go.  They love getting out and seeing the world too.  I know the most comments we get while hiking is how great it is we take the girls with us.


We may be home bodies a lot of the time.  But we know how to get out there.  We know how to get a little lost.  We know how to be those crazy camera people taking pictures of anything and everything around us.


I would love to be more brave and ask random people if I can take there picture.  But, I am not quite there yet.  One day I will.  One day.  Until next time, bye Asheville.  You were awesome.


Thanks for reading,


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