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Wednesday Nights

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For some of you who don’t know, me and my family are super close.

It has always been the four of us against the world.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  We have had our share of life’s challenges.  There have been months of unspoken words, hours of fights, and our fair share of stupidity all around.  But when it comes down to it, nothing can tear us apart.

We fall and we get back up.

We also have a big thing for birthdays, which by the way, last nights dinner was Chinese for my sister, Bonnie’s birthday.  It was a blast.  We love celebrating each other.


The best thing about us, we know how to have a good time.  We are goofy as anything.  And we truly know how to laugh at ourselves.  It’s an art form really.


We also have this really fun thing we do, Wednesday night dinners.  Yes, kind of like Gilmore Girls Friday night dinners.

It isn’t every single Wednesday night.  Because, sometimes sickness hits(a lot), other times we have other things that happen that get in the way.  But most Wednesday nights you can find us all together in one place or another.


We use this time for catching up, drinking coffee, eating tons of pizza, and laughing(a lot).

As the years have passed we have lost family members and our little family has shrunk in size…it has also grown a little as well.  We have added Matt(my handsome husband), Allie(My lovely oldest daughter), and Caroline(My cute youngest daughter).


I have always thought, what we lack in size we make up for in heart.  I love my family.  I love how we love to do everything together.  I love how we constantly make time for one another.  And through our ups and downs we have learned from one another.


This post might be small, like my tight knit family, but it’s mighty.

Through the years I have got to watch my families relationship as a whole grow and the love expand.  We have gotten to know each other more and more.  It isn’t always easy for all of us.  But it is worth it.


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  1. What a fantastic thing to do. We only get together as a family a few times a year and it should be more.

    These are great images that really capture what a Wednesday night dinner is like with your family. Relaxed and happy.

    (ps. love Gilmore Girls!)

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