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(Happy 6 months of breast feeding to me and this little)

Hey friends!

It’s been a quick minute since I made a post. Partially because time has gotten away from me, I have a very needy 6 month old, and my computer has pretty much bit the dust.

So the oldest daughter starts first grade this week. Don’t ask me how that happened because I’m not quite sure.

Summer has come and gone! Crazy!

So here’s the deal on our journey to crazy small living.

We. Have. Too. Much. STUFF.

Y’all, it has taken me WEEKS to go through our stuff. WEEKS. I have cleaned out stuff over and over again.

Thankfully my awesome sister is keeping what clothes I don’t take with me in her closet. Also, some of our furniture and house things. So we don’t have to get rid of everything.

I’ve taken this time to get rid of things we don’t need anymore. We have way too many things. Way too many.

We have realestate agents and they have come to look at our house. Since we don’t HAVE to sell our house we are listing it for what we want to list it for. And to list it for what we want we have a little bit of work to do.

Not to mention we have to live minimally when trying to sell the house. So to get there we have to start downsizing…and fast.

Next step…yard sale. I have never in my life done a yard sale before. Ever. My husband swears we are in yard sale country. So we are going to go for it and have one.

I pretty much want to sell all my clothes and buy my favorite t-shirt dress in every color. They take up less space and cute and comfy. Functional right!? Ha!

It is hard to get things done quickly with a needy baby and a husband who works full time+more. But We are working our way there.

We went to look at a camper this past weekend. It was nice and exactly what we have been looking for. We didn’t however feel it was “the one” God has picked for us. We want to truly feel the right one.

It’s taken much more time than I thought to go through this house. Basically daily you go through the same things over and over and become less attached to one less thing.

We haven’t even made it to our attic yet…good gosh we have tons of things up there.

I will be so much happier when all this excess stuff is gone. We have so much we don’t use let alone need. We hardly touch over half the things we have. I look at things and wonder why I even have it. So many pointless and useless things. So much clutter.

I’ve already set aside things to sell and the house looks so much more clutter free. It’s awesome. The amount of clothes we are getting rid of is insane too. And I still haven’t even gone through them all!

So, a little more work has to go into the house. A garage sale has to happen.

We have stopped looking at campers so much and are focusing on getting this house on the market.

With school starting and being busy with life in general…its harder to get things done as quickly as we would like.

On another little note…me and the little squirt hit 6 months of breastfeeding. My initial goal was 3 months…then 6…so we have made it to our second goal. Now onto our 9 month goal! We take it a few months at a time. Cheers!

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  1. My son and I took our breastfeeding journey a little bit at a time and somehow (by the grace of God) ended up officially weaning at 20 months! Those moments nursing are the sweetest moments. I’m 31 weeks with our second now and getting so excited for those moments with a new little one.

    1. That is so amazing!!! They truly are amazing moments! I’m so thankful for them! Congrats on your pregnancy! That’s so exciting!

  2. i needed to read this ha! i’m at 3 1/2 months with my little guy and its been such a struggle the last few weeks. thanks for sharing this bc i want to get to 6 months too!

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