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Family and fitness.  Two things I am very passionate about.

One question I get a lot when talking about fitness is “How and when do you have time?

So, I know I am a stay at home mom.  In turn, it is a tad bit easier than if I had a full time job.  Though I have been a working mother who got my own booty in shape.  I have been on both ends of the spectrum.  It is possible on both sides.

I balance fitness and family because both are very important to me.  I am a firm believer as a mom that it is a must to do things for ourselves.  I think that is often times something we forget.  It is a must though.


Back to my balance.  With a very needy baby it is super hard some days to even get out of bed.  I know I will have to carry her around all day or figure out some clever way to please her while I get things done.

Today for instance, she had a blast on our run, but the 6 year old was over it.  So, we came inside and I decided I would do a quick workout.  Since the baby was happy sitting in the stroller.

As soon as I turned on the TV and pulled up YouTube, she lost it.  It is like she knew or something.  I felt a slight bit of defeat creep up.  Then I remembered I just bought a really awesome Ergo baby carrier from an awesome friend of mine.  I grabbed it and threw it on.  I searched for “Babywearing workout” and an awesome 25 minute workout popped up(find workout here).

I hit play thinking it would be a light workout.  Yeah right.  It was a decent workout.  I used 3lb dumb bells.

Instead of getting down on myself and getting frustrated with the baby, I improvised.  I worked with what I had.  And honestly, I think that is key.  I have to remind myself often that I have 2 children now.  That is a big change.  I can’t just get in a crossfit workout everyday.  I can’t always get in those 5 miles I want to.  I can’t always workout extra hard when I have been up the whole night before.  You know what?  That’s okay.  I do what I can when I can.


Here’s another balancing act I do.  Hiking.  Me, the hubs, and the two littles all love to hike.  Plus, we live in the Chattahoochee National Forrest.  So, why wouldn’t we get out and hike?  The baby loves it, the big girl loves it, the hubs loves it, and I love it.  It’s a win win for us.  Family time+fitness all at the same time.  I also think it’s super important to teach the kids how to get out and get moving.


Really, the bottom line is, you make time for what’s important.  We all have the same 24 hours in a day.  No one has more hours than the next.  I get lifestyles are different.  But again, you make time for what is important.  For me, my me time is fitness.  And me time is important as a mother.


As a mother you need to be rejuvenated.  You need it.  It isn’t a want, it is a need.  You must take care of yourself as well as those in your household.  Remember that.  Hold onto that.

Finding the balance is never easy.  It is however completely worth it.

Thanks for reading,


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