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The Dream

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Hey guys and gals! Here I am telling you this dream from the comfort of my king sized bed. In my comfy house. (Keep that in mind as you read)


So, I have been stuck as some of you know with where to take my blog. I have been brainstorming and praying for months about where I feel my blog should go. How can I influence people? How can my tiny blog play a tiny role in this great big world?


I have been seriously stuck. And that is super frustrating. I have felt something big was coming and my husband Matt has too. Not really with my blog in general but in life. We have been praying. A lot. 2017 hasn’t really been our year. Sure, Caroline Elizabeth was born and that has made our year bright with just that. But, it has been filled with sickness and death and some really huge major struggles. It has been filled with a lot of darkness.


We believe it is because we have really pursued God in our lives and have given ourselves, our children, and our life over to him. We have prayed through more situations and we have been willing to go where ever God leads us.


With all that we believe attacks follow. (Go away Satan you are not welcome here)


So, I have been researching bloggers. Looking into niche ideas and seeing what others are bringing to the table. I happened to stumble across Mavis the Airstream and have been following them on instagram and also their blog. It is a couple who lives small.


I have been feeling very tied down here lately. Matt as well. Tied down in our house. It is a cute house. A comfy house. A nice house. One we both love dearly.


But, living in this house means it is going to take us longer to pay off debt and a lot less freedom. So, where am I going with all of this? Just wait. It gets good.


As I walk through my house on the regular I have been feeling extremely overwhelmed with stuff. I have so much stuff that not everything has a place or a purpose. I have found myself asking why I have this and that? What do we even use this for in the first place?


Another key note. Travel. I want to travel. I want my kids to travel with me. I want them to live a lifestyle and truly LIVE life. And not in some suburbia neighborhood sitting in the house watching too much TV and playing on tablets all day. I want more than this.


I want to downsize in a big way. A huge way. A giant risk and leap of faith that is incredibly scary. Super scary. As Matt and I sat on our wide open living room floor and discussed selling our house last night…it was really scary. We both sat there thinking about what we are saying. What we are wanting here. It is terrifying. But I guess leaps of faith ARE terrifying.


We want to sell our nice and comfortable house and live small. Like extremely small. Like four people in an airstream small. We want everything inside our tiny home to serve a purpose. We want to live debt free. We want to be able to pick everything up we own and go. We want to live free and small. It is something we realize will not be the most glamorous or the easiest. We understand we will be giving up our personal space. We realize that tons of challenges come with this lifestyle. But, we also realize we will never get to be where we want to go if we don’t sacrifice NOW.


This is the dream folks. And it is a scary one. Considering to do this we have to sell our house FIRST. We will have to let go of it and many of our possessions. We will have to minimize our belongs and realize what is important and NEEDED vs. what we WANT.


Americans love to live big. Beyond means. We want to live below our means. We want to live small. We want to be close and get to know each other that much better. We want to be forced to live outside and to get out and do more. We want to see more of the world and show our children adventure. We want to explore what we have never seen.


Feel free to call us crazy. Because we know, we are.


So, what started as a need for a new blog idea…has turned into a dream for a whole new lifestyle, a leap of faith.


We don’t know when or if this will happen. But, we have a pretty big dream. And we are trying our best to go after it.


A lot of thought, prayer, and planning will go into this.


If you would like to pray for us that would be awesome too.


Stay tuned for more updates and follow along with our journey here and on instagram!


Thanks for reading,


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