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Let Me Tell You A Story

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Club, knife, battle.

There I stood, in a crowd full of people.  It was a Friday night and my closest friend had drug me out of my safe zone and into the unknown. A dance off. Some would say a dance battle of sorts.
It was at some club I had never been to. I actually had never been to a club. My friend said I should expand my horizons. Yeah, I wasn’t fond of that idea. I would much rather be sitting at home with my nose in a book. But, I decided to humor her.
We sat down at some high top tables and watched some guys battle it out in the stage. I looked around. The club was anything but comfortable. It was dingy and dark. It smelled funny and there wasn’t much plesant about the place.
My friend had a major crush on one of the dancers. Her reason for being here of course. She probably would have never been here either if not for that.
I watched as their bodies moved in rythem to the music. It was actually not as bad as I thought it would be.
The night went on and dancers came and went. The rounds ticked by and finally they narrowed it down to two dancers. I was sucked in at this point.
My friends crush had already been weeded out. She had introduced us and I said my hellos and got back to watching.
The last battle was between a rough looking guy and a guy who looked pretty average. The rough one had abs which he showed off halfway through his dance by ripping on his shirt and throwing it into the crowed.
Girls started to swoon. How ridiculous is what I thought.
Things got heated. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of the average looking guy. And by average I mean tall and handsome.
His muscles were huge but they had definition that showed with each movement.
They finished the battle and Mr. Tall and handsome ended up winning.
My friend wanted to hang around with her crush and I kind of wanted to speak to the dance off winner.
I knew deep down there was no way I would start up the conversation. So I went on my way.
The club started to clear out. When everyone was packed in the parking lot. There was a high pitched scream, followed by people running in every single direction.
My head was spinning and I had no idea what was happening.
All I knew was something bad was going down. I fiddled through my purse franticly in search for my keys. I found them.
I rushed to my car through the crowd of people.
As soon as the crowd had separated I saw it.
The tall and dark handsome man was lying face down in the parking lot. I gasped. My head was spinning and I felt like I was standing in the middle of a movie scene.
This wasn’t happening. This wasnt real. Was it?
It was very real. And what happened next was a nightmare come to life.
A sharp and stabbing pain flew through me.
What was going on? What had just happened? My friends voice came up behind me as something was pulled out of my back and dropped at my feet. A knife.
I had just been stabbed. I fell to the ground nd watched as blood ran beside me.
My friends voice was soothing as the ambulance pulled up.
I saw the flashes of red lights and heard the sirens as I went in and out of consciousness.
I let myself drift off to another land as I heard an unfamiliar voice tell me, I would be okay.
This was a relief. But there was a sadness as I knew that the person whose name I don’t know, the tall dark and handsome one..would never see the light of day, on this side, ever again.

Strange story right?

Well, I’ve been taking some time to do writing exercises. I use a website that generates 3 nouns. I take those nouns and come up with a story or a few sentences to tie those nouns together. 
This isn’t a fancy or informative blog post. It’s just something I’ve wanted to post. My writing exercises. 
Also, I’ve been so dry on blog post ideas. I’ve been brain storming niche ideas or ways to brand myself if you will. 
I’ve been going in circles with myself for months. I’ve been googling ideas. I’ve been asking family and friends. I’m just not sure where I want to take my blog. 
I want it to go places. I want to influence others and be a fun place to come. I just need to figure out where that is and how to get there. 
I will figure it out in time. 
In the meantime I don’t want to be dull, dry, or boring. Feel free to share what you would like to hear from me and my blog. Maybe even what kind of Instagram content to be seen as well. 
Thanks so much for reading this short little post,


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