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Sweet Caroline 

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I was driving down the road this morning and started having flashbacks on childbirth and the journey that followed Carolines birth.

She is 4 months now and I feel like it was lifetimes ago that she was born. Between RSV and the flu plus the infection she got at the hospital…it was a whirlwind of emotions.

I had thought I was done. No more babies. No more babies for sure in the winter time ever ever again. 

Caroline turned 3 months old and coffee started to smell funny again. With my pregnancies coffee always smelled so nasty. I got a little stunned by this. I decided to test that week just to rule pregnancy out. Because you know…i couldn’t be pregnant AGAIN. 

Well, two tests later and both were positive. I made a doctor’s appointment only to find out it was early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy.

It was a crazy few weeks of emotions. Shock, being terrified, scared. I mean, labor and birth was still fresh in my mind. I didn’t want to go through that so soon again. 

It was crazy. 

Thinking about labor and delivery so soon after going through it is scary. 

The things a women’s body goes through is intense. The immense pain you go through. Yet we still have more babies. Why? Because it’s worth it. And honestly, as each day passes you remember that it WAS painful but you almost forget just HOW painful. 
I remembered the pain this morning. I remember wanting the pain to be over so badly once the pitocin kicked in. I remember the contractions being so close together and I remember them being so intense. 

I remember wanting to go natural so badly. When the contractions started to take my breath away and I became more and more exhausted. I decided on the epidural.
I remember the fire spot that left my lower right side of my body burning each contraction. 

But I also remember how fast it was to get Caroline into our arms and just how worth every ounce of pain was. 

Childbirth is hard work. Your body goes through so much. But oh goodness how worth it it is. I think as each day goes by our brain and body forgets the pain. It has to or I feel we would never have another child! 
As my princess sleeps in my lap as I write this I can’t even begin to explain the joy she brings us.
We had a rough start with this one. But oh how she made up for the rough time with all her joy and smiles. 
There is nothing in the world like bringing a precious child into this world and pouring love into your baby daily.
There is nothing like babies. Nothing at all.
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