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I Remember…

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I remember..

As a child I remember sitting in my bathroom at night brushing my teeth. When everything was quiet and everyone was winding down…it was dark and quiet outside as well. I would take a deep breath and listen quietly as the train would whistle.

To this day that is one sound that vividly reminds me of dark summer nights.

It’s like streetlights in the dark. Or fireflies flickering along the tree line. It’s drinking from the garden hose. It’s kickball in the street. It’s popsicles on the porch. Sidewalk chalk lining the drive. And barefooted feet. Sleepovers. Sleeping in. Water park slides. Pallets made on the floor to lay and watch movies. Tents set up in the backyard on warm summer nights.

It’s sitting on the electrical boxes in front yards and discussing anything and everything with neighborhood friends. It’s backyard forts and visits to the park.

Summertime was a time full of magic as a child. When did this end? When does summer become less fun? When does imagination truly end? When does running barefoot through the cool grass become unacceptable? When do unicorns stop existing? When do faries become stories? When does make believing become silly?

I remember as a kid holding onto some hope that these things were real. Then I remember the conversion of my young mind to my adult mind. When make believe was no longer cool. Where unicorns were ridiculous and fairies were not reality. Where summer nights were still spent with good friends but things had changed.

Summertime was a time of wonder. Where everything just felt different. It felt so much more fun. The long days were filled with laughter and joy. Our skin turned many shades darker as the suns rays kissed us. We spent more time creating memories. We didn’t take selfies. We didn’t worry about snapchat or facebook.

It was a time where memories were stored in our brains. And we didn’t care what the next person thought. Our clothes were dirty from the hours spent outside.

It was a simple time. It was a beautiful time. It was a time you will never get back. It was a time that went by way too quickly. It went by so fast you almost wonder if it was made up..kind of like those unicorns.

Summertime as a child is beautiful. I wish life didn’t evolve and change as we age. But it does. Reality becomes a thing. Childhood fades.

Inside me however, that small child still smiles at the smell of fresh cut grass and longer days. My heart skips a beat when I hear the night train as I’m brushing my teeth. And my eyes still shine at the sight of the dancing fireflies.

My skin still loves to be kissed by the sun. And every now and again I wonder…i just wonder…if at the end of that rainbow lives a unicorn. 

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