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The Plan

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It feels good to be back writing again. And though I still don’t do it as often as I would like..I am working on it.


I really want to get off my chest some anxiety and such. You know, feelings I have been having. Since after all, that is pretty much what my blog centers around.


The anxiety of labor and delivery.


This isn’t my first go round with labor and delivery. This is my third pregnancy and second baby. Therefore, why am I nervous if I have been there and done that right? Wrong. My nerves comes from a place where I have not been before. Natural and non medicated birth.


Yes, I am planning on doing this. This is my plan. Plans change…I get that. But as someone who is planning on having an all completely natural birth…you must must be prepared. Or so I have been told.


With my daughter who is now 6 years old…I had an epidural. I also had something in my IV before getting my epidural that helped me sleep off most of my 23 hour long labor. I must say the contractions I did experience for hours before I got any pain medicine were quite painful. I was 18 years old and went into birth completely blindsided. I had not a single idea what I was getting myself into. That worked for me for my first birth. I knew I was getting medicine and I knew the pain wouldn’t last long because I had an end goal.


I still have an end goal. The end goal is just an undetermined amount of time. I read today that there is no math in labor. It doesn’t work this way. You can’t say “Oh I have X amount of time until baby gets here.” No, it isn’t like that at all. You must go until baby is out. And who knows how long it will take. That is why I have picked a phrase to go through when each contraction comes. “One wave at a time.” The book I am reading tells you to envision each contraction like riding a wave. This might sound a little insane…Well, maybe because natural labor might be a little insane. But whatever works I say.


I feel our world has made labor and birthing into something of a sickness. Like you are broken. Something must be wrong right? I mean, pain that strong must mean something is wrong right? Wrong. This is pain with a purpose. I have also read more details into the actual birthing process. Did you know that during a natural labor with no pain aid that the baby actually helps the mother push? She pushes with her legs to help herself out. Pretty cool right?


Another thing I am keeping in mind through each contraction is that a contraction is your uterus(AKA one giant muscle) flexing to push the baby. A huge amount of force is pushed upon the baby, but not enough. That is why you have to do some pushing yourself.


These are all things I had no idea about. I am so glad I have been researching and truly understand what your body does through the whole process. It makes perfect sense why there is so much pain and pressure involved in the process. It eases your mind. Or at least it eased mine a lot.


It is rather sad to me how something so natural has turned into such an “emergency” mindset. I am so thankful for hospitals and technology and the ability to save so many mothers and babies through the knowledge we have. It is just sad when the mindset a lot of women have is caused by the fear instilled in us by the medical field.


Don’t get me wrong. Birth is terrifying to me too. I believe for me it is the fear of the unknown. Not knowing how long the labor will last and such. It is nerve racking. I do know that my body is capable and it will know exactly what to do.


Whew. That was a lot. I needed to get that out. And for anyone having a baby soon…good luck to you momma! Any birth is a beautiful birth…medicated…unmedicated…vaginal…c-section…whatever you will be doing. It is all beautiful.


I will of course be writing a blog post on how my birthing experience goes.


We are less than a month and a half away from Dday. And I couldn’t be more excited(and nervous)!


Thanks for reading,




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