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When Skies Are Grey

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This week is an emotional one. And I am not speaking only in the sense of the way this election has gone and the reactions it has caused.


For me this week has been a roller coaster full of emotions. This week held one of the biggest elections I myself have seen. I voted for the first time in a presidential election and I couldn’t have felt more excited about that. Today is the anniversary of my grandmothers passing. Tomorrow is not only my best friends birthday but the birthday of her son, Corbin, who was born at 20 weeks and now celebrates his birthdays in heaven. Sunday is the celebration of my daughter’s 6th birthday.


As you can see there is a lot of different emotions rolling around this week. I myself haven’t given birth to watch my child pass away…I don’t know myself how that even must feel…But I grieve for my best friend on her birthday every year. I stand beside her though not always physically, but I am there to support her in her sadness and in the midst of the heartbreak she endures.


My daughter’s birthday is the day after that. I go from grieving the loss of my best friends baby to the celebration of the life of my own baby.


Not to mention the insane wildfires we are experiencing in Georgia with no rain in sight.


And on this week, with the elections and the response of the outcome…I am not only celebrating a new president elect, I am grieving at how divided our nation truly has become.


I am so saddened by the complete and total separation of our great nation. I don’t care what you try and tell me, our nation is great. It is one of the greatest places on earth to live. We have the opportunities that some only dream of experiencing. And instead of embracing this concept we are running around bashing our own people. We are arguing with one another on a daily basis. We are putting people on blast on social media. We are letting our corrupt and twisted media tear us apart. We are lumping all liberals together as we are also lumping all conservatives together.


If you have read a few of my past blog posts you might know I am a conservative. I believe a baby is a baby at conception and I believe in the values of family. I believe in gender roles. And this is all okay. You don’t have to accept my views. Do you know why? Because they are mine and mine alone. They are something that won’t be taken from me. When Obama was elected president and I didn’t believe in half the things he did? I still believed them. I still kept my views and I still believed a baby is baby from conception, I still believed in family values, and I still believed in my same gender roles. But guess what? I am not going to force you to believe in what I believe. Will I ever personally get an abortion? No. Will I ever personally be with a female? No. Will I ever personally give up my role I believe I have as a women? No. But guess what? I won’t ever ask you to not do any of these things. I will not condemn you for it. I will not judge you for it.


All those things aside. I believe in health care that is affordable and works for the people, I believe in lower taxes so that half of my husbands paycheck doesn’t go to funding someone else’s life. I believe in immigration laws and keeping our borders in check.


And when someone shares the same political values as me, I will vote for him/her. And I will not be ashamed in doing so. It is after all, my choice as an American. Many have gone before us so we can have this choice.


I am giving our new president elect a chance. I am giving him a chance to shine. I am giving him a chance to better our country and to keep it moving forward. No backwards steps here.


I am hoping and praying our nation can come together despite the hurt and pain I know some are feeling. That we can come together and really love as one nation.


It will never be perfect. Our world will never be perfect. Our country will never be perfect. There will always be someone in government that you do not share the same views with. It is called a Democratic Republic. We have balance, and for good reasons. Obama will not be our last democratic president and Donald Trump will not be our last republican president. It flip flops. It has from the beginning of time and will continue to do so. This is the way it all works. We vote. We elect. Sometimes it is most certainly not the way we hoped it would go.


One thing I will say about elections…we can hope…we can have faith in our candidates. We should. I would hope voting for someone you would have a hope in your heart they will win. But having faith in the polls? Having faith in the media? Having faith and trusting those who just knew Hillary was going to win? That is putting way too much faith in the media. Way too much. An election can go either way. That is why we have them after all.


I so respect my friends who are disappointed in the outcomes but are coming together in love and strength and peace to make America better. But those people who are destroying MY flag of MY country. You are a disgrace to us as Americans. I wonder what other countries are thinking looking from the outside in. How embarrassing. I am not afraid to offend…If you are wanting to burn our flag. You are more than welcome to leave. I understand hurt and pain. Trust me. What I don’t understand is tearing down a country before the president elect is even in office…before he has even done one single thing. Destroying things because you didn’t get YOUR way. What kind of America is that?


Trust me, I remember when Obama was elected and my mom and I joked about storming the White House because we felt America was in danger. I remember the fear that was in my heart when someone with completely opposite views of mine was put into office. As much as I cringed when I saw him, he was my president. He was the leader of my great nation. And I knew no other land was as great as this one I was born into. No other land had these great opportunities. And despite it all, I was still proud to be an American.


I know this is a long read. And a strong first blog back from not writing in forever. But I feel I needed to get this all out. I feel I needed to put it out there. I hope and pray that Mr. Trump, the president elect, does our country right. That he builds us up and that he does everything he can to keep our country moving forward and really works to better this beautiful nation we are ALL blessed to live in. We are after all ONE nation. ONE. We are not two nations. We are ONE. If we wish doom on Donald Trump than we are wishing doom on ourselves and everyone around us. You can stand up and say “not my president” all you want to. But I am sorry to say, he WILL be YOUR president. As a US citizen that is your president. The election is over. The votes are in. The race to the 270 electoral votes is over. And I promise all of you, you WILL live through it all. It WILL be okay. It will.


Now, lets keep our country beautiful and stop destroying things out of anger, frustration, selfishness, and self pity. And let’s also remember, life isn’t fair and it most certainly doesn’t always go our way.


One last note. *Everyone does NOT deserve a trophy for participating*


Thanks for reading,



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