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Oh, What A Year It Has Been

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(And can we please discuss my awesome Qalo ring too?! It is pink and sparkly and I can wear it while I workout. LOVE.)


Coffee. Gilmore Girls. Christmas decor. Cozy slippers.


It is a perfect Monday back after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving week was AMAZING. I am however so exhausted from our travels. I figured it was time for another blog post.




As the close of 2016 is coming closer I can’t help to reflect on life in the last year.


It’s been a wonderful year spending time with my husband and enjoying our first year of marriage. We went through some hard times the beginning of the year when we got our hopes up for our first child and let down when we miscarried. We kept on as usual of course as hard as it was. We continued to keep our heads up and a few months later we discovered we were pregnant again. We learned she was a girl. We struggled with a name as most do. My awesome mother assisted in the name picking and helped us find the name we love so much. She found Elizabeth and shared it with us both. The name was born. I transitioned back into a stay at home mom and Allie started Kindergarten at the end of summer.  Matthew changed jobs and even started something on the side. And here we are. Nearing the end of a really awesome year.


There have been a few speed bumps as every year has. All in all, it has been a really awesome year.


Oh, what a year it has been.


Life doesn’t always happen how you planned. In fact, it usually goes the exact opposite way. I have learned I am quite thankful for that. I am thankful the plans I had for my own life didn’t work out. They looked beautiful in my mind…however, they were not so beautiful played out.


I have been through quite a lot in my short 24 years here on earth. I wouldn’t trade a single moment though. I have learned through every single experience. All of it. I have learned through the heartache and the mess ups I have made myself. I have been hurt and hurt those around me as well.


I have learned that no matter what to focus on the good, on the positive. There is always something to be thankful for. In every situation. Life is so beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of negative all around us. There are a lot of really nasty people. Ones who have many sad issues. Issues that will break your heart for them. But, paying them no mind and focusing on those who matter…it helps for sure. Some people will put much effort into tearing you down, only in a sad attempt to make themselves feel bigger. It never works in their favor. I have seen it first hand multiple times.


So in 2017 I hope for kindness, joy, and love. I hope many find peace who are searching so desperately for it. I can’t wait to share the birth of our Caroline with the world. I can’t wait to watch my daughter Allie love on her baby sister. I can’t wait to see the joy in my husbands eyes as he holds his daughter for the first time. I can’t wait to watch my little family grow together. We are stronger together. We are one whole. We have something special. And we are so very blessed. I can’t wait to train again. To train to lift heavier weights. To train for my second marathon. I can’t wait for the goals to be made and the goals that were made to be smashed. I can’t wait to experience new things. Explore new places.


I can’t wait to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary and Christmas before the year ends. I adore our family time. I am so thankful for both of our families and the huge role they all play in our lives.


Thanks so much for reading my ramblings. My brain was everywhere tonight. Let’s face it, it has been everywhere since becoming pregnant. Pregnancy brain is real folks.


Thanks for reading,



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