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“There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.” – Jill Churchill

As times go by we learn about many different things.

We learn about who our true friends are, we learn even about who we are.

We are constantly growing into ourselves. I feel like just when we think we truly know who we are, we surprise ourselves and discover something new.

I’ve learned a lot about myself through being a mother.

Being a mother is one of the greatest blessings there is. It’s the most pure form of love. It is love at first sight. It is a feeling unlike anything else ever.

Being a mother is also very challenging and taxing. I like writing and blogging about the true grit of the world. I’m not a blogger who puts all these fancy things on my blog. I’m just not. (I do however freaking love those blogs and follow many) I like to be raw and blog in a different sort of way. You know this if you’ve been following me on this journey.

Being 100% real here. Being a mother is just down right exhausting some days.

I often wonder…do I do enough? Am I nice enough? Did I just screw up my child for the rest of her life? Do I discipline too much? Too little? Am I a mommy monster? Is she going to hate me when she gets older? Will she respect me when she is a teenager? 

I have doubts. Oh boy do I have doubts. Parenting is like a huge guessing game most of the time. 

We all wants what’s best for our babies and we will do what it takes to get them whatever that “best” is. 

I’ve always been an extremely laid back mom. When Allie bumped her head…I would make sure she was alright, give hugs and kisses and we would move on. I’ve always disciplined her with spankings when needed(holy cow bring on the freak outs from other judging eyes). 

I know when I wasn’t a mother I would look at moms and say “I will never do that when I have kids” and roll my eyes. 

I’d see messy houses and I couldn’t understand how those moms didn’t keep up with them.

I would nit pick at women constantly for not being the picture of perfect. 

Now that I’m a mother and I’m under those daily stresses and pressures. I get it.

To the momma in the grocery store with the toddler who wants it all…and when they don’t get it all…they lose it. I feel you. To the mom trying to shop for clothes and their child is running from rack to rack and clothes are flying everywhere to where you just give up and go home. I feel you. To the momma who is up all hours of the night struggling with breast feeding and crying because she feels like her body is failing not only her but her baby. I feel you. To the mom who has piles of laundry and has gone a few weeks without cleaning those bathrooms. I feel you too. To the mom who feels overwhelmed, tired, worn out, and under appreciated. I also feel you at times. Keep one thing in mind. These times won’t last forever. And though your minis may not be able to show you now, they appreciate you more than you know.

You are their life line. You are their rock. Their comfort. Their shoulder to cry on. You are their bandaid. You are the one who dries the tears and reads the bedtime stories. You chase the monsters away and you calm their fears. You are the hugs and the kisses. Let’s not forget dear momma, you are the giver of the food and the juice. You are the snack holder. You are every single thing they need to keep their world spinning around. Not only are your children your world, but you are theirs. You are the face they see when they come home from school tired and have had a bad day. You are home. 

It’s so hard some days to see the worth of ourselves. I know as a mom I wonder so much if I do or have done enough. I wonder what I could do different. 

Just remember, you do everything you can and the best you can.

Mommas, you are loved. You are so loved. You are cherished. And even on those days where they scream at you, where they don’t listen, where it feels like the day will NEVER end…they love you. They do.

So mommas! This one is for you. For the nights of sleep you give up for them, for the hair do’s that no longer exist because you no longer have time (OR ENERGY!), the puke stained clothes, the piles of laundry that have been sitting there for weeks, the messy kitchen, the toys thrown everywhere, the alone time you just don’t get anymore….you rock momma. This is to you.

And just remember…these days won’t last forever. One day you wish they would.

Thanks for reading,


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