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Boots or Bows?

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We have some lovely news.

Would our baby be boots or bows?
For those of you who know my family know that there are a lack of boys! Everyone has sisters and bless my dads heart he has ALWAYS been surrounded by women. Always!
We were wondering if this time we would add a little boy into the mix. Everyone seemed to vote boy(in our families). Except for one little person, our little Allie Bug. She voted girl. She said if you wished and prayed hard enough you would get what you wanted.
Well, that child must have done a lot of wishing and a lot of praying. Because we are seeing more pink!
As Matt says, our house is going to turn into a Disney princess castle! 
We are adding more pink, more dresses, more tutus, more bows, and lots more precious girly giggles into our home and we couldn’t be happier!
Our little girls heart beat is strong. As she tossed and turned and moved all around during the 15 minute ultrasound we got to have. We watched as she put her hands to her face and kicked and kicked and kicked. She turned over and over and moved around until she got comfortable. Then, as our ultrasound was coming to and end she tucked her little legs in and fell asleep. It was the sweetest thing. She has a perfect little nose, heartbeat, you could see her little tiny lips which will carry so many words I’m sure, you could even she where her little eyes are. She even has knee caps! Her tiny fingers and toes were moving around and her tummy and belly button we could see! There is nothing like seeing the flutter of that little heart flutter. 
Babies are blessings. Every single one of them. Even at 14 weeks my baby is growing and changing daily, just as she will outside the womb. 
My heart is filled with joy and peace as I am so thankful for this gift of life. 
Our rainbow baby. A rainbow after a storm. We are so thankful for you little one.
I’m going to go before I get even more emotional! 

Thanks so much for reading,


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