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Timing Is Everything

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As some of you may know, I adore photography. Ever since my parents got me my little Nikon D40 back in high school for me to take to holland with me. I have always loved taking pictures.

Some may say I’m the selfie queen. And some may say I’m picture obsessed. I say it’s the heart of a photographer. 

My best friend told me the other day “you breath and you take a picture” and this is oh so true.

Now, the point of this post? Timing is everything.

I went from 2012-2016 to not picking up a single camera but my iPhone. 

I didn’t have the means to buy another one after mine had been sold. And let me tell you how completely frustrating it got at times. I knew I could be using my camera for good if I had one. I could have a business and I could be doing a really good job. I wasn’t trusting the timing that God had for me. Which wasn’t to get a camera then, obviously.

Trust me, even though I spoke little of it in that amount of time. I wished almost daily I could get a new camera and start snapping photos again. 

As I step back and see the work I’m doing now. I realize that I’m better now than I was before. Even though I got no practice in my time absent from photography. I missed it so badly that my passion has been shinning through even more. I’m thankful that I was able to miss it so badly that when it did come back into my life, I was so thrilled and excited I put extra effort into it.

And I’m not tooting my own horn here. I’m just saying that I do try my best and I do love it even more now than before. 

I believe that timing is everything. We must wait for the right time to use our God given talent. That sometimes it’s not the right time. That we may need to learn to be more thankful and grateful and long for it a little bit more.

Talent is a beautiful thing and should never be wasted. Work hard and move in the direction of your goals and dreams.

After all, they aren’t out of reach at all.

I’m thankful for the lessons I’ve been taught through my passion for taking photos. I’ve learned patience in the years of waiting. It’s helped to teach me passion for a talent. It helps me get some stress out and I truly do adore it.

One day I’ll make it into more than just a hobby. I can promise that.

Again, run after your goals. Chase them. Get them. Achieve them. Life is way too short to be going day in and day out doing something you hate. It’s not worth it.

Wait and trust the timing. But also work extremely hard to get there. Hard work is obviously required to get anywhere. Work must be put in. And it will be worth it.

Whatever it is, get it. And do it all with passion. Start a fire with that passion and spread it. 

Thanks for reading,


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