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Through My Eyes

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Through my eyes there is so much to be seen. I don’t always pay super close attention to life…I should probably be more aware of my surroundings… But, there are things that do tend to stick out in my life.

There is one that stands out uniquely.


This is my better half. My main squeeze. The one who cheers me up when I am down and makes me smile from ear to ear every single day.

When I can catch a glimpse of him, I will.

I wish he could see himself through my eyes. I wish he could see just how much he means to me. And how much adventure has come into my life with him alongside of me.

This man is extremely hard working. Which is something that makes me so proud of daily.

He is older than me, seven years older to be exact. Which brings along wisdom. He has been in my shoes before. He has lived the age of 23. He knows my younger struggles and he holds my hand as I learn to work through them.

He is a kind, caring and unique individual.

There are often times where I wish I could tell him just how much I love and appreciate him. There aren’t exactly enough words to cover it though.

I have told him before that I must spend a lifetime proving and showing my love. Because that is the only way.



As I sat beside him on Sunday afternoon and watched as he fixed one of our lawnmowers I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to let you all catch a glimpse into my eyes.

There really is nothing on planet earth like being around him. There is no greater joy or happier place than with him.

I hope and wish for everyone on planet earth to find someone as dear to their hearts as he is to mine.

When you find someone that is so intune with you, you can’t lose them.

I look at him at times and I feel as if I have known him forever. I feel as if my heart already did. I feel that our souls connect in such a way that can’t be parted.


When he asked me to sit with him and keep him company, I smiled.

Neither of us having to speak a word. We were just there. Just us two. Though silence filled the air, there was anything but silence in our hearts. The feeling of being…just being there with him. That is enough.

I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. He smiled, looked over at me from the corner of his eye and asked what I was doing. I smiled and kept on.

We can just be.

We can just be together and that is enough.

The world could be falling apart. But in our home, it’s safe.


His support means so very much. He supports me in every crazy adventure and puts up with my anxiety when he is hanging off the side of mountains.

He humors me often. And he cares for me more than he cares for himself.

He is selfless. He is handsome. He is kind. He is supportive. He is strong.

I see it. I see the effort, the hard work and the devotion he puts into this life. It shines brightly. And yes, I notice. I see it and I appreciate it.

So, here is a glimpse through my eyes.

Just a Sunday afternoon spent with someone who holds onto my heart.


Thanks for reading,



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