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Lessons Of Forgiveness

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It was a normal morning getting ready for work and school.

I had gotten myself ready then woke up my 5 year old daughter. We got ready and of course by the time we were getting in the car we were a few minutes late leaving(which is pretty normal for us). I had asked her what shoes she wanted to wear. She told me the black ones that she had left in the car. I said okay and went on to make my coffee. She got her socks on and we headed out to the car. We loaded up and headed on our way. 

About 10 minutes down the road I asked if she had got her shoes on yet. Nothing. No reply. 

I looked back at her and she was just staring at me.

I looked to her and then the floor where she will sometimes(most of the time) toss her shoes off…because like me, she believes life is better without shoes. There the floor was bare. No shoes. 

I took a deep breath in as I turned quickly back to face the road. As reality hit me and I realized we were going to have to make it up the road to the turn around spot on the highway. I sighed and let out a “we are going to be so late.” 

I could feel my face getting hot and I could feel the heat coming off of me. I was so beyond frustrated. It had been one thing after another the past two weeks and this was my breaking point. My breaking point wasn’t the overheated right side mirror engine that blew out my mirror on my car, or the next day when I smashed the front of my car in, or the bank that cut my debit card off with no warning and didn’t send me a new card or a notification or fraud warning, or the letter a neighbor left in our mailbox that hurt my feelings, or the fact that my cat got shot and died in my own yard this weekend, or the fact that my poor baby girl came home with strep this week….no, it was the fact that my daughter didn’t grab her shoes(sigh).

I clinched on to the steering wheel. She got quiet and I’m sure could sense my frustration too. We sat in silence as I turned the car around and wanted to cry. 

I ran quickly into the house grabbed her shoes and ran back to the car. It was quite graceful in my heels and I’m sure the neighbors got a
kick out of it. I know I would if I were watching too.

I handed my daughter her shoes and sternly told her to put them on. I also told her we must have our shoes on before leaving the house from now on.

We pulled back out and made our way back and onto the highway.
I cooled down. I begged God to stretch our time and get us to school and work safely. I then turned to my girl and told her I was sorry. I apologized for the frustration that I had took out on her and her missing shoes. 

She smiled and told me it’s okay that she gets frustrated too and started drinking her milk again. 

She started talking and going on about random things and asking many questions as she does every morning on our long ride into school and work.

She bounced back and talked to me like we do every morning. And in that moment I knew she forgave me. Children bounce back and forgive to the point of inspiration. 
They are kind and caring and so innocent. The ugly world has barely touched their sweet souls.

I try and learn as much as possible from my daughter.

Her patience, her kindness, her ability to forgive, her gentle ways, and her curiosity for life.

Some days are harder than others. Some situations are harder to forgive than others. But, if I learned anything this morning, I was reminded again of the importance for forgiveness and the importance it holds in the relationships in our lives. 

I know, what a long and drawn out story for such a quick summery. But, I had to share. 

I hope you learn something or are reminded of something today. 

Thanks for reading,


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