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Is It Good Enough? Am I Good Enough? Happy Mothers Day

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As Mother’s Day is fast approaching I felt
it necessary to write a little on the topic of being a mother.

Im not going to write on what I think a mother is or anything of that nature. I want to write on something that hits home to a lot of us I’m sure.

How sometimes as a mother we don’t feel good enough or feel as if we don’t measure up.

As moms we do everything we can to raise our babies right and in a manner we think is best. We want what’s best and we do everything in our power to be the best we can be for our little ones.

Is it good enough though? 

I feel like this a lot. I feel as if I’m not good enough as a mother. Some days I wonder if I’ve done the right things and if I have made the right decisions for my baby girl.

I feel a lot of times that I could always be and do better.

Social media brings me down a lot of times. I see moms making organic baby food of all the colors of the rainbow. I see cloth all natural diapers. I see moms breast feeding for years on end. I see all these things I didn’t do when my little one was much more little. 

I see the natural medicine free births. I see the organic clothes. The cloth diapers. The breast feeding as I said before. All things I chose not to do or didn’t know how to do when my daughter was so young.

And guess what? That’s okay.

It’s okay if you picked to not breast feed. It’s okay to use cloth diapers. It’s okay to use store bought regular disposable diapers. It’s okay to breast feed for how ever many years you feel is best. It’s okay to use formula. It’s okay to homeschool. It’s okay to send your child to private or public schools.

We all make different decisions for our kids. And I feel sometimes if we don’t make the same exact choices as the next person, we are held to a lower standard at times by the world. 

This Mother’s Day take a step back and really look at just how much your child adores you. They aren’t sitting there judging you based on what kind of formula you used to feed them, or even what diapers went on their butts. They are thankful for you and who you are and how you love them so. They are thankful for the kind and loving words of encouragement you give them daily. And the hard work you put into raising them. 

They aren’t going to look back at the kind of baby food you fed them. They aren’t going to point their finger and accuse you of being a bad mother for not breast feeding them longer or even at all. They aren’t going to complain if you did breast feed them a long time or say you did it too long.

No. They are going to love you and appreciate you for the mother you are to them.

They love you just the way you are. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

When you’re feeling down and you feel as if you’ve failed as a parent, look at the precious face of your child. And see just how much they love you. 

Your kids don’t even realize you’re human. To them you’re a super hero. You’re their hero. You’re a safe place to land, a shoulder to cry on. You’re the place where they run to find comfort. You are their peace of mind. You are so much more than you think and feel at times. 

It can be so very easy to feel not good enough or a failure. This is toxic. This is the enemy fighting against you. You must stand your ground and tell yourself that you ARE good enough. Your fearfully and wonderfully made. And God put that child in your life because you are good enough. You were picked to be the mother of that precious little one. You were given one of the most important jobs on planet earth. And given one of the biggest blessings. 

Remember these things this Mother’s Day. And slow down. Slow down and enjoy your babies. They are only young one time.

These feelings are normal of course. Just remember your worth. And remember you’re doing the best you can. And to your little ones, that’s more than enough.

Thanks for reading,


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