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I once was told I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion on something because I hadn’t ever been in that particular situation before.

I kind of wanted to say…how about you just shut up…because you know nothing about me or any situation I’ve been in before. But that’s not very kind and it would do nothing.

Today, I thank this person. His name was Scott. And him telling me I couldn’t have an opinion sparked so much in me. A huge fire actually. He doesn’t even realize this. And I usually don’t speak names. But today, I’m going to. 

He made me respect and accept my opinion even more. He made me even more sure about myself. A little bit more confident. And now, I own my opinion. It’s mine, no one can’t take that from me.

And some of you reading this knew him or even still do know him.

 I classified him as a jerk at the time.
Today I’m so thankful he opened my eyes.

The subject was abortion. And while I could go on and on about my very own opinion on this subject, that’s not what my post today is about.

He told me on Facebook that I had no right to have an opinion on the subject because I had no experience. Little did Scott know that I was sitting behind that computer 5 months pregnant. 

I was 17 and scared. I am pro-life. But I was put in a position where abortion would be an option to some.

He had no idea of this because I hadn’t let the world know I was growing a tiny human inside me. 

Anyways, he had no idea and he told me I couldn’t have an opinion.

An opinion is something you can have if you’ve been in a situation or not.

Let me share the definition of opinion real quick.


Alright, so it isn’t based off of fact or knowledge. Also, it isn’t based off of experience either. Obviously it HELPS to have experience. But you most definitely don’t have to have experience to have an opinion.

So, I tell anyone who doesn’t agree with MY own opinion. Get over it.

You heard me. Get over it. I don’t have my opinion to please those surrounding me. MY opinions are based off of MY beliefs. Not yours. 

I gladly accept comments on your opinion as well. But I’ll be damned if you tell me I’m not allowed to have an opinion. Who are you to tell me what I can and can’t think. You can’t. I won’t ever tell someone what they should or shouldn’t or can or can’t believe. We can agree to disagree. I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion. I expect the same respect. And if you can’t accept me for who I am you don’t belong in my life. 

So thank you Scott. You’ve made my opinion stronger. And you’ve helped me to realize I won’t ever feel bad for what I believe. Also, I can help others who also feel they can’t have an opinion. 

I don’t mind stepping on some toes anymore. 

Next time you try and tell someone they can’t have an opinion just keep my words in mind. Everyone is allowed an opinion. 

So, thanks Scott. You helped me in so many more ways than you know. You’ve taught me a lot in that one conversation we had back in high school. I hope you and your little family are doing well.

Thanks for reading,


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