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To Feel Is To Live

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To feel alive.

You don’t need to be in any special place at any particular time to feel alive.

You could feel alive anywhere.

I took that feeling in this weekend as my little family was outside pretty much all weekend.

We were in our own personal little slice of heaven in the mountains.

I feel alive when I’m laying along side my man and the sun peaks through the shades in our room. It hits my face as it slowly wakes me up. I look to my side and see one of the biggest blessings in my life.

As I pull weeds from the dirt in the front yard or as my child runs through our yard picking every little yellow flower she can find.

When I open the windows to feel the cool spring breeze hit my fair skin.

When I walk through the house to make coffee every single morning. 

As I sit on our rockers on the front porch and gaze out at what God has blessed us with.

It’s been a long road for me. I wouldn’t say I knew how to feel alive before now. 

I walked through life on reply. Same stuff, different day. No beauty, no colors, no pure joy. Just a broken record playing over and over again.

I can now say in free and can see the sunshine even when it’s not shining down upon me.

I can take a deep breath and really truly smell and taste the fresh air.

I’ve always danced to the beat of my own drum.

I’ve always been weird and quirky. I’ve always been odd to a lot.

But now, I understand that that’s such a beautiful thing. It’s refreshing. 

It helps me feel alive. I think it’s one of the main reason I can feel so alive. It’s who I am. It’s a learning process and I’ve got it down.

In a life that is filled with such scary things, it’s nice to be able to find pure joy and beauty daily. Despite anyone trying to trample you or hold you back.

Live a life that matters. Live your life. Live it up to the fullest. Do what you love. Because this is it. This is all you’ve got. 

You don’t get to live again and again. You have one body, one mind, and one soul. Please, dear soul, don’t waste it.

To feel, is to live. To truly live. 

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