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Greys And Wrinkles

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Age is beauty.

In a society of plastic surgery and anti aging creams and serums, it’s hard at times to embrace age.

It seems the world around us is trying to help us stay “young” and “hip” and get rid of those wrinkles by using this certain type of lotion. 

I want to ask a question? What is wrong with age? Is it that as humans we are fearful that age means we are one step closer to death? Is it being scared of dying? So we hide the signs of age as death draws nearer to us? 

Are wrinkles ugly? What is it? What in the world is wrong with something so natural? 

Do you have Grey hair? That’s okay! We can cover it up with hair dye! Wrinkles? Use this lotion/cream to help tighten and lift that skin! Are you a little saggy in areas? No problem! You can go into debt to go under a knife and get tightened up! 

I’m not trying to judge. If you’re someone who would like to get plastic surgery or stay looking younger than you are. Go for it. To each their own. 

In my own personal opinion, age is beauty. Wrinkles show age, grey hair shows age, and sagging is apart of life.

Age is so beautiful. Age is a blessing. Not everyone gets to experience it. I’m sure someone who passed far too young would give a lot to have those wrinkles. Some people dying right now who are in their prime age would give so much to be able to get grey hair and wrinkles.

Can we just embrace what’s natural? Can we not love ourselves for who we are? Can we not look in the mirror and see those crows feet beside our beautiful shining eyes and smile because a smile is what gave us those wrinkles.

I love age. I think the older I’ve gotten the more beautiful I’ve become. Inside and out. 

Defying age is impossible. You can dress how you want, get surgery, or hate your grey hairs and wrinkles. But no matter what. You’re aging. You’re growing older. And despite what you think, it’s beautiful. And yes, it’s beautiful on you and on the next person.

I’m in no way saying don’t take care of yourself of course. And I’m in no way telling you what you should or shouldn’t do. I’m just stating how beautiful and perfect I believe the aging of the human body and mind is.

I just wish more people saw it that way. Saw it as pure beauty and as an absolutely glorious and wonderful thing it truly is.

I love celebrating birthdays. To some people it’s “just one year older” but to me it is one year older! It is a time to celebrate another year given. Another year of gifts and blessings. Another year that you got to breath in the fresh earth air and feel the sun shining on your face. It was another year you got to laugh and play. Another year of words and laughter. 

Life is a celebration. And as each year passes, it becomes more and more Sacred. It becomes more and more of a blessing and even more precious than before.

Waking up to another day should be a celebration. It should be a day of positivity and excitement. Because you were given another chance. You were given more time. It’s all borrowed after all. Enjoy it. Love it. Truly live it and cherish it. It’ll be gone before you know it. 

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