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Pastels And Pale Pink

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You Are Enough

That is one simple statement that means so much. 

In a world full of people just looking to tear you down, there is a world full of people looking to build you up.

The first person you should look to, yourself. 

You should be the first person to build yourself up. And believe every word. 

Self love. 

Something I’ve worked on and will continue to work on. It’s something so very important. 

To truly feel like you are good enough is truly a blessing. It’s something everyone should feel, but don’t of course.

People are going to bring you down and tear you down. You mustn’t listen to them. You must turn away from them. 

You’re good enough. Tell yourself this often darling. Because, you are.

Look in the mirror with a new outlook. Look into the mirror with an “I’m beautiful” attitude. Don’t pick yourself apart dear. Don’t judge yourself or beat yourself up. After all, if you’re doing the best you can, that’s all you can do right? Right.

You must see the good in yourself when it seems others can’t. 

You must turn to yourself and rely on yourself for confidence. 

Trust me dear, it is a very long road some days. One well worth it though. I promise.

Paint your own world. Paint your world in pinks and purples. Paint your world in pastels and dreams of gold. 

Keep your head up and your eyes on the future. 

Encourage yourself. Encourage others. Love yourself. Love others. Care. Really care. 

Oh dear, look at yourself. Look at your grace and beauty. It’s there. It exists. 

I often felt bad for not having a skinny frame. I felt I wasn’t feminine enough because I wasn’t small enough. I see this is not truth. That was a lie if I have ever seen one. 

I am a female. I am beautiful. Inside and out. I paint my world in pinks and purples and golds. I view the world through different eyes now. I see pastels and pretty things. I see positivity and light and oh my! I see the world in a way of love. 

I may seem silly. I may seem too positive at times. But, I’ve been in dark places. I’ve seen things of hate and of curse. I’ve seen things through dark glasses. Scary glasses. I’ve been to the bottom to help me get to the top. The top of the mountain is worth it. It’s worth the climb back up. 

It’s worth viewing myself as beautiful. As lovely. As whatever I want to be. 

Be what you want to be. And look at yourself through loving glasses today. Love that beautiful self. View yourself in a different light today. Push those lies aside. And love. 

As I’ve seen before, a flower doesn’t compare itself to another flower, it blooms.” We can learn from this. As each flower is beautiful in its own way. So are we. Take that in. Let it sink. Be your own kind of beautiful. Everyone deserves that. 


I love myself like I love pale pink. And that’s a whole bunch of love. You should too.

View your world in pastels,


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