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Body shaming.

I’ve written on this subject before. And I’ll write about it over and over again. 

With national women’s day being yesterday(which I never knew even existed. Is there a national man day too? Just curious. Anyways…), I was watching as a lot of celebs were shaming one another. Women in particular. I won’t name names. Anyhow, I think celeb or not, body shaming is wrong. 

Look, I’ve caught myself on one too many occasions judging a women or man, by their bodies. I admit it. I’ve even caught myself talking to someone around me about someone’s body. And with as bad as I have struggled with my own body image…I should know better.

When I get mad or upset at someone sometimes the first thing I go after is body image. Because I know how bad it hurts. Again, wrong. But I am guilty.

I know how it is to be called chubby, fat, and other things. Late middle school and High school was a cruel world at times.

I had people who I thought were “friends” calling me fat or “bigger” behind my back. I don’t think I realized how much this actually affected me until after high school. 

When the “thigh gap” rolled around and became popular I grew to despise my thick thighs. I began to notice how my legs touched when I walked. I had never known this before. Words from middle school and high school came rushing back in. 

Maybe they were right? Maybe I was chunky, chubby, and fat. 

I started to stare at myself for long periods of time in the mirror studying my body and what I could do to change certain parts of my already perfect body. 

I didn’t realize it then…but I wish I could go back and tell myself to hold on. That I would learn to absolutely love and respect my body. It would take time and a lot of hardship and growing up…but it would happen. 

I look back and become so sad at the way I use to look at my body. No one should ever have to feel like that about their body.

There were times where I wanted to crawl out of my body. I wish I looked like the next girl. I would Google women who were skinnier than me…and I would stare and wish. I would wish for smaller, longer legs. I would wish for a flat stomach and abs that stuck out just a bit. I would wish for small arms, smaller shoulders. I wished for a different shape face and I wished more of my bones stuck out.

It was a sad time in my life. And I know I am not the only human being who struggled with this issue.

Watch what you say to people. Because years later it can still affect them, haunt them even. It can follow then where they go and it can hurt. Truly.

There are so many women and men who struggle with self image issues. And when you feel stuck inside your own body, it can be pure torture. 

I’ve come a very long way since then. I’ve learned to love and embrace my body. It’s beautiful and it keeps me going day in and day out. It does so much for me. I care for it and love it and it loves me back.

I’m thankful for the lessons I have learned that have brought me this far. I’m so thankful I can look in the mirror and smile at the person I am. I’m glad I no longer cringe when I catch a glimpse of my body in the mirror. 

I’m glad I can feel confident and happy out in public. I’m glad I no longer feel like people are staring at me and judging me for my body. I’m so glad I have a renewed strength and a new self confidence.

When you can love yourself, it opens up a whole new world. You can love the world around you even more than before. You can focus on bigger and better goals. 

I wish every women and man confidence, self love, and renewed strength. It’s worth it.

Finding yourself more and more is worth it. 

So, build each other up. Respect others. Watch the gossip because it will probably find its way back to the person it’s about. And it will hurt. 

I still struggle with body image at times because of course I am human. But, it’s few and far between. And I snap out of it as fast as it comes along.

Thanks so much for reading, I am very passionate about this subject,


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