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It’s come and gone.

That time of year again.

After much time and much preparation. The holidays have come and passed.

If you’ve followed my blog you know I wasn’t exactly thrilled before about these holidays. I was anxious, saddened, nervous, and just down.

I was physically and mentally exhausted. 

I am so thankful this changed. I’m so thankful that things brightened up a bit. I’m so thankful that I had a little bit of hope this holiday season. I’m so grateful and thankful for the new relationships that are being built.

Life has just been so exhausting lately. It really has. 

I guess that is life though. I guess it is exhausting. 

You learn or you don’t, how to be grateful even in the toughest of times.

I have to be open. I have to be honest.

For a while I couldn’t express publicly the feelings I was feeling inside. It was a terrible feeling. I wasn’t able to be honest with those around me because of my own doing, my own actions. 

Life was interesting. Life was dramatic. I felt as if I were in a terrible move for a while. 

Through it all, somehow, and by the grace of God, I was able to stay positive.

At times I felt as if I were barely out of the water. I felt as if I were drowning. But could still get a tiny bit of air to keep me alive, to keep me going. And through this time I knew this was my own doing. I knew the people around me were disappointed in me. 

Through those times and even now I cling to the fact that my God was with me and I have kept my eyes on him.

These months have been the darkest yet most amazing days of my life. I’m not sure how that’s even possible but it is.

As I sit here and think back…I realize I am thankful for these times, the tough ones. I have grown. I have learned a lot. I treasure the little happy moments so much more than I use to.

I have learned that I make mistakes because I am human. I have learned to be easier on others in a sense. I have also learned to be easier on myself. 

I have learned just to be thankful for life. To relax a bit more. To breath a bit more. 

To enjoy life. To enjoy others around me.

As I take a deep breath in today. I’m so thankful for another chance at life. Another day to be grateful and to get to know those around me.

Another day to be thankful.

It’s been a while since I last blogged. Life is insane and I needed to step away mentally. I’m back to writing(not as often but I’m doing it) and working out 4 times a week. 

I can’t wait to continue to share my thoughts and opinions with you all.

Thanks for reading, 


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