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To The High Schoolers…Will It Ever End?

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You go through life on a day to day. You feel like you don’t fit in exactly. You have no idea what you want to do in life. You are so unsure.


The breakups, the friends who turn into strangers, the fights with mom and dad, the classes that feel never ending, the drama, the gossip and the lies


High school.


High school is completely scary. You aren’t yet an adult but you are coming into your adult self and more independent self. You realize your time is running short as a “kid” but you don’t realize just how fast it is going to go by.


You feel like everything is the end of the world.


That boy that won’t give you a second glace. The girl who you use to be so close with who you are growing apart from. The class you feel you will never pass. The situation you are going through that feels like it is the end of the world. The breakup you just went through where you really thought he was the one.


All of these things will pass. I can promise you this. I can promise you that every thing that feels like the end of the world, isn’t. I get it, I was there not so long ago.


It is incredibly painful. The breakups, the friends who turn into strangers, the fights with mom and dad, the classes that feel never ending, the drama, the gossip and the lies.


I remember the cruel world that high school can be. I remember the joys it brought as well. I remember how incredibly fast the high school years passed. I remember how one day it felt they would never pass, they would never end. Now, I wonder where they went? How could they pass so incredibly quickly?


Look, enjoy your years. Enjoy your high school years. You can never ever get them back. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.


Enjoy the fact that you have no bills. Enjoy the fact that your momma still cooks your dinner at night. Enjoy all the little things in life.


Take a deep breath.


That boy? You know the one who could care less about you. He will come back and wonder why he never gave you that glance you so much longed for. He will wonder why he never even looked your way. And you? You won’t mind anymore. That will be a distant memory and you will have moved on. You will smile at the thought and you will be on your way.


That friend that you grew apart from? It may feel like your bones are being crushed when you can’t turn to them for every single thing anymore. But one day, you will speak again. And when you do, and you don’t exactly recognize her anymore…you will also realize that you forgive yourself and her. And it will be okay.


That breakup? You will see the blessing in disguise that that was. You will see that that boy…he was just a boy. He didn’t give you what you needed. And one day, when you find that right person…it will all make perfect sense. You will thank the Lord that it didn’t work out with him.


The fights with mom and dad happen. They will pass as well. One day, when you have children of your own you will realize the love your parents have for you. You will see the desicions they made when you were younger that you found so frustrating…they will make perfect sense one day. And one day, you won’t have them. So, hold them close. Understand that they adore and love you…and they only want the best for you even when it feels they are against you.


The drama? Let’s face it. Life is drama. But! As you grow, you will learn and understand what is really important in life. The drama will start to fade and things that felt world ending back then, will mean nothing to you anymore.


You will look back and wonder why you were so silly. Why you cared about certain things…and you will laugh. Because high school may feel stressful…and trust me, it is. But, those days will quickly pass. They will become memories. And you will hold onto those beautiful and fun times you had with some of the greatest people you knew.


You will look back and remember those nights you had a little too much fun breaking some of the rules with some of the coolest people you knew. You will look back and smile at the friends who turned into family. You will look back and wonder where that time went.


Enjoy it. Hold on and embrace the memories you are making. You only get high school once. You will never get it back. And to those who feel it will never end…It will. I promise. And you will discover more about yourself in the years following that you never thought you would.


High schoolers. You are awesome. You are loved. And you WILL get through these days.


Thanks for reading,


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