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The Good, The bad

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“You can not protect yourself from the sadness without protecting yourself from happiness” -Jonathan Safran

I find this so incredibly true.

I fully believe you can not have one without the other.

Every single thing I have been through in life has put me on the track to where I am today.

If you know me personally than you know how incredibly proud of myself I am. I have fought through some rough things. Some of them were brought on by myself and others were just the process of life.

Without the bad how could we truly appreciate the good? We couldn’t. We couldn’t fully understand the good without the bad. The high we get from the good wouldn’t even exist.

I never truly understood…”You must take the good with the bad” until recently.

One day it stuck with me like glue. My eyes were opened to the fact that there must be bad. There has to be. We wouldn’t grow without trials and tribulations. We just wouldn’t.

We must appreciate our trials. They help to grow us and teach us. They help us to love and enjoy the good in the world. Because trust me, the good is still all around us. Despite how it might feel at times.

As hard as it is while we are in the moment, it is so important to remember we must have the bad. As hard as it gets at times. It is needed. It just is.

Just think how incredibly boring life would be if it were all good. We wouldn’t really truly know that it was good. We wouldn’t care as much. The bad helps us appreciate the good.

As I said before. When you’re inside the bad situations it is so hard to understand that it is needed. So often the bad doesn’t feel necessary. It feels unneeded. It feels terrible.

Let’s be honest. The bad can be completely terrible. The good moments in life out way the bad thankfully. And we grow through the bad times. They make us so much stronger if we allow them to. If we are open to letting the bad teach us lessons…it makes life so much easier.

Keep holding on. It may be storming now, but, it cannot rain forever. It just can’t. And it won’t. Hold on tight through the storms of life. The storms are needed. Remember that.

I know I keep holding on to that. I keep holding on to the fact that I am becoming stronger in so many different ways. I am learning more about myself in the process as well.

Life is hard. It just is. It isn’t easy. And things aren’t always handed to you. If they are always handed to you…I feel bad for you. Having to work for things, including working through hard times…is always well worth it.

The sooner you learn how hard life is, the sooner you can start becoming stronger. The moment you can start making yourself have tough skin.

I search out the happy in life. I hope and pray that the majority of my life is happy. Some days though, we must create our own happy. That is okay. Realize this and you will be golden.

So, take the good with the bad. And learn to grow and embrace life. It is really hard at times. But you are really tough. I’ve got this. You’ve got this. We all have this. It is all in how we handle life.

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