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Killers of Joy

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Don’t let life kill your joy.

Joy is such a wonderful thing on this earth. It basically keeps you going day to day. 

There are things on this planet that are joy killers and we create them in our minds most of the time.

Let’s take a look at a few joy killers.

This is one of the worst killers of our joy. It creates a false picture in your mind. When you compare your job, house, cars, body, and life to someone else’s…you’ll never be at peace or satisfied with yourself or your life. 
Strive to be a better person and never stop working hard…but don’t compare to others. This I’ve found is my number one killer of my peace and joy.


Overthinking and over analyzing a situation can kill your joy so fast it isn’t even funny. 

When you overthink through a situation you may create a problem that isn’t even there. I know from personal experience that this can be both challenging and near impossible. When you are an over thinker like me, you have to try extremely hard not to do this. It’s almost impossible at times to not do. It just happens. I promise you can overcome this overthinking process. I’m learning. 

Lack of communication.

Having a lack of communication can lead to the above, overthinking and over analyzing. It can create problems that don’t exist. Have communication with those around you. Speak. Let your thoughts come out and make them known. I promise it will help the overthinking. I promise. 

I am the queen of all these things. I have them down to a T. I am so good at killing my own joy. I am so good at creating problems that aren’t even there. I’m so good at killing my own joy. 

It’s such an easy thing to do. It’s so easy to let these small things turn into big problems. 

Take a few deep breaths. 

When we step back and look at our lives…if we put things into perspective…we have so many reasons to be so filled with joy. 

With the attacks over the weekend…that’s something to think about. You could of been there. And you weren’t. For that alone, be thankful. 

Keep positive. Keep joy. Life is short and you deserve it. I promise. 

No matter your story…no matter your circumstances, you deserve joy.

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  1. It’s easy to compare ourselves to others, especially when we’re comparing our behind the scenes to everyone’s highlight reel. That’s when I know it’s time to step away from the computer/phone and hang with real friends and family!

    1. Yes! Exactly! We see the things they would like us to see. We don’t normally see the struggle on the inside! It’s so hard at times!

  2. I have always loved this saying. If you are always comparing yourself to someone who may be getting ahead, or doing better in a shorter period of time than you it definitely does kill your joy because you will constantly obsess over it, and never enjoy what you are accomplishing for yourself.

  3. There is another quote I love which I cannot fully remember so I’m going to paraphrase: It’s better to excel at being yourself than a poor imitation of someone else.

    1. I am so glad! I hope my words reach out and help some people out. That has always been my goal. Thanks for the comment. <3

  4. Ughhh I think we are all guilty of comparing…. In the age of social media it’s so hard not to. We just have to keep reminding ourselves that what we see is only half of the persons real life…. There lives might not exactly be perfect

  5. girl you are absolutely right! It seems like everyday there are things that can rob us of our joy but we need to concsciously choose joy!

    1. It’s so very hard! Things look so good from the outside looking in…it’s hard to see the truth when it isn’t being shown! We got this!

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