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Is it messy in here? 

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“Embrace the glorious mess that you are.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

I have never heard it spoken so perfectly before.

The mess that you are. You are a mess. I don’t really care who or what you are. You are a mess. We all are.

I for one am thankful I am not the only mess out there. I’m thankful and take comforte in knowing that I’m not alone.

It use to stress me out about the mess that I am. I use to stress over not being perfect. I saw other girls around me who seemed to be so perfect. They seemed to completely have their stuff together. Oh, I was so wrong.

The more people I get to know and talk to in my life the more I learn people aren’t perfect. Not a single one of us.

Lately I have learned the more straight forward and open I am about myself and my flaws…the more others are open to sharing their mistakes or flaws with me.
Breaking the ice on imperfections didn’t use to happen with me. I was closed off. I didn’t allow people to see my flaws. I wanted to be viewed as perfect and flawless. 

I am so thankful I have let that go. I’m so glad I’ve gotten to see so many people’s hearts from breaking the ice on my mistakes. My flaws have helped me to grow closer to others. 

There is something particularly beautiful about exposing that most fragile part of yourself. When you expose your flaws you are trusting the other person or people to accept you for them.

Sure, some may and there are those that just can’t handle it. And that is okay. We aren’t meant to carry every single person along with us on our ride through life. That would honestly be exhausting. 

Being flawed isn’t a bad thing. It’s called being human. It happens. 
I’m not saying blow your flaws off. But, embrace them. They are apart of who you are. They are a huge part of your life story. Own them. Don’t hide them. Don’t run away from them. Don’t sweep them under the rug. That will do nothing but extreme damage. I promise.

Coming from someone who use to do anything but own my mistakes and my flaws. I use to run very far away from them. 

Guess what? No matter how far you run away, they follow. They will always be there. Hiding them away will pain you. Will tear you apart.
It’s okay to be human. We are literally all there. 

Accept yourself for who you are. How do you expect others to accept you when you can’t accept yourself? 

I promise it will all be okay. I’m in a place I never in my wildest nightmares thought I would be. But, I’m also in a place of acceptance and total awe of the beauty of life around me. I’m learning to embrace situations. I’m learning to accept myself and no longer hide anything from those around me. This is my story. This is me. My mistakes help mold my story sure, but they do NOT mold me as a person. Thank goodness. Because I’ve made some ugly mistakes. 

Have you made some ugly mistakes too? It’ll be alright. I promise. 
It will all be okay. You are beautiful despite the mess. And it is okay to know and own your flawed beauty.
Some people say to be flawless… I say to be beautifully flawed. 

After all, your story is beautiful. 


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  1. What an encouraging post – I love that quote, and you’re right – we are all a mess. People lately have been asking me how I balance freelancing, blogging, teaching, and being a mom, and I want to say, I AM A MESS!

    1. Thank you! Yes!!! On the outside at times it may look like we have it together but no one sees the inside! Plus, it’s nice to know and understand it’s okay to be messy. It makes the pressure of life less stressful! 🙂

  2. Wow, what a strong post! I look around at the ladies I know, and I wonder where my grace and gentleness is. Why don’t I ever see that in myself. At my age, I know I can never escape my flaws, but I have yet to embrace them.

    1. Yes! I love hearing people’s stories. I love the mess ups and the life lessons. I love sharing my story in hopes that others can learn from my mistakes as well!

  3. OMG I have got to laugh at this because i am such a hot mess lately realllllly bad. it seriously looks like a a tornado went through my house and me? well let’s save that for another day! welcome to the club, we have been waiting 😉 lol

    1. Haha!!! Yes! We have to laugh at times. Because life would be so boring if we didn’t laugh at ourselves 😉 thanks for the love <3

  4. What a great quote! I think this acceptance of your flaws is definitely an integral step in ‘growing up’, and is so imperative to living a happy and full life.

    1. Hehe! I love it!! We are all messy in our own unique ways! I know my brain is a mess, my house, my car is THE worst and I am not the most organized person on earth. 🙂 and that’s perfectly okay!

  5. I love this!! In high school, I used to say I was “good crazy” and then when the term came out “hot mess” and people always commented how odd it was that I was doing that. But the fact is when you accept and own your flaws and “crazy,” you have more confidence and people respond to that. Can’t wait to share this with my followers!

    1. Oh girl. I am such a mess. I’m going to post a post tomorrow in working on about my life. And you should read it. My life=a train wreck 😂 I’ve embraced it.

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