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Bittersweet Memories 

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Life and death…


We come…we see…we conquer.

Some of us do.

This week is one of the hardest weeks out of the year. It’s a week of bittersweet feelings. In two days there is so much pain, suffering, remembering, celebrating, joy, happiness…

This week is filled with my best friends birthday, my daughters birthday, and my best friends sons(my nephew) birthday. And although I never got to hold his tiny body or kiss that sweet face of his… He still fills my heart because he is my best friends baby. 

She gave birth and got to spend such a short time with him before he passed away… So this post is for her. This is a painful week…but she is so strong because of this. I’ve been there to watch her grow and struggle to come out much stronger than she was before.

This post might be a little bit down to most. And in all honesty it is going to be a down post. There is nothing up and giddy about death.

There is nothing up and giddy about losing someone all too soon. Though, when is too soon? None of us want to see our loved ones or friends go at any time. But…

There is a time we may classify as too soon. 

How about a new born baby? One that doesn’t make it. One that got to be held in his or hers mothers arms for far too short of a time. 

She got to hold you. She got to hold you and love on you for such a short time. After this short time when your tiny heart stopped beating and you took with you a part of her. A part of her is missing from this earth. It was taken with you when you went. When you passed all too soon.

You have so many who love you down here. You know that right? You were loved before you even were born. You were cared for when you were in the womb. You were talked to and loved.

When you came onto the earth all too early. You were loved then too. You were cried over. You were prayed over. You were and are so loved. 

I have known so much loss. Not exactly through myself. I myself have only lost a few people who I have been close with. 

Loss hurts. It doesn’t matter how old you are or who you are. It hurts more than words could express.

This time of year hurts hard. It’s when everyone I’ve lost has gone away from me. Not just by death…but by failed friendships and so on. 

I know I’m not alone. We have all at some point in our lives lost someone. We have all had our heart broken. You can sit back and deny deny deny all your heart desires. But, you’re fooling no one but yourself.

As the day is coming up for someone most dear to me. One of the most painful days of her young life…I reflect on loss. I reflect and thank God that I still have breath in my lungs. I hug my daughter a little tighter. Dear friends. It is so easy to take advantage of our lives and of those around us. Today, hold someone closer.

Life takes some unexpected turns. Tell someone you love them today. Never expect tomorrow. Never expect today. Because my dear friends, it is not promised to any of us.

We are all on borrowed time. And to see that some so fragile don’t get to use much of the earths time…it breaks hearts. It breaks my heart. 

Enjoy every breath you have here. Earth is a beautiful place. Sure, it can be scary, evil, and dark at times. But all in all our experiences here on earth are beautiful and wonderful and so worth the pain. Some will never see he light of day here. Or for very long. Breath it in for those who can’t. I know I will. I will think positively and I will enjoy my time here.
I will live through love and I will shed as much beautiful and fun light. 

Hold your babies tight. Hold your loved ones tight. You never know. You never know when it’s going to be your last day of your last breath. You never know if someone could be taken from you today. Put aside petting issues that mean nothing in the long run. And be truly grateful.

Thanks for reading,


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    1. It is so completely heart breaking. So sorry for your friends son as well. Healing takes time. I am so proud of my friend for how far she has come.

  1. What a beautiful celebration of such a short life. No matter how long we know someone, they find a way to leave an impression.

  2. It was so hard reading this post and knowing how little of the world this sleeping bubba saw. Taken too soon but never forgotten, thank you for raising awareness and helping your friend through her pain. This was beautiful to read xx

  3. I’m so very sorry for your and your best friend’s loss. One of my dear friends lost one of her twins this time of year, so it is very hard on her too.

  4. My heart goes out to your friend. I can’t even imagine how difficult losing a child truly is. It’s through trias like these that I take comfort in knowing this is not our forever home.

  5. I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend’s baby. I pray that she will find comfort during this difficult time. I will hug my babies a little tighter tonight because I realize how blessed I am to have them.

  6. So sorry for your friends loss. I’ve had friends lose children too soon and watching their heartache just makes you appreciate everyone you DO have right now even more.

  7. <3<3<3 I'm sending hugs to you and your dear friend! This week is my son's first birthday and I can't imagine being a mama who's baby isn't here to celebrate his special day!

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