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The prince to the princess

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This one in particular is to the ladies.
You grew up being taught(I’m sure) that women are to be treated as princesses. That we are to be treated with respect and to find someone in this life that will care for us and love us and treat us with pure respect, always. 
Something I’ve noticed among my friends and some younger than me. Us women and girls EXPECT to be treated as princesses. When we don’t, we get mad…call our friends and flip out. We ask why he did this and why he did that. 

Something that I feel is being missed. Yes, ladies we DO deserve to be treated as princesses. BUT, if we wish to be treated as a princess…shouldn’t we be treating our men as princes? Shouldn’t we be respecting them as well? Giving them the things they wish for in life too? 
Yes, we should be. Often times I have caught myself in a relationship giving nothing but expecting to be getting something. This isn’t fair. It has got to be mutual. A man is to be respected as well. Treat your man like your prince if you wish to be his princess. Fulfill your significant others needs and they fill yours. 
It is obvious I have a lot to learn about relationships. I have two failed marriages under my belt. And although I am no where near proud of these decisions or a few decisions I’ve made in my short lifetime thus far. They are all apart of who I am and who I am growing to be. 

I have learned you must give. You must work. You much put it what you want to get out. You must wake up each morning and treat that person with complete respect. You must strive to make them happy.(remember that you’ve got to be happy as well…)
I am very good at giving in my relationships with my girlfriends. My significant others, not so much. 
So, I want to raise my daughter to know she must be respected. But! I want her to know that there has to be something WORTH respecting. If you don’t respect yourself as well as the other person in your relationship…this relationship isn’t going to work.

I’ve learned a lot in the last few months about respect. I’ve learned what to do and what not to do. I have so much more learning left to do. 
It’s all about growing through your experiences. It’s about learning when you fail. It’s about falling and even after you’ve stood up a million times…you continue to stand back up.
So ladies, have some respect as well. Give the fellas something to respect. And learn to treat like a prince and be treated like a princess. 


Thanks so much for reading,


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