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Hey There!

Please follow and like us:0 (Happy 6 months of breast feeding to me and this little) Hey friends! It’s been a quick minute since I made a post. Partially because time has gotten away from me, I have a very needy 6 month old, and my computer has pretty much bit the dust. So the […]

Closet Purge And Living Small Update

Please follow and like us:0 Hello everyone!  I’ve been spending my days purging our house. This is something that has to be done before we can move.  I have to decide what’s important and what’s not.  Now, we aren’t getting rid of EVERYTHING. We will decide what’s going in storage, what we can sell, and […]

The Dream

Please follow and like us:0     Hey guys and gals! Here I am telling you this dream from the comfort of my king sized bed. In my comfy house. (Keep that in mind as you read)   So, I have been stuck as some of you know with where to take my blog. I […]

Let Me Tell You A Story

Please follow and like us:0​ Club, knife, battle. There I stood, in a crowd full of people.  It was a Friday night and my closest friend had drug me out of my safe zone and into the unknown. A dance off. Some would say a dance battle of sorts. It was at some club I […]

I Remember…

Please follow and like us:0 I remember.. As a child I remember sitting in my bathroom at night brushing my teeth. When everything was quiet and everyone was winding down…it was dark and quiet outside as well. I would take a deep breath and listen quietly as the train would whistle. To this day that […]

A Day Late

Please follow and like us:0 Happy Fathers Day! I am a day late I know.  We were pretty busy all day yesterday and I was too busy being involved with those around me to write. My hubs spent the day flying down rapids with some friends for fathers day.  We missed him but so glad […]

Sweet Caroline 

Please follow and like us:0 I was driving down the road this morning and started having flashbacks on childbirth and the journey that followed Carolines birth. She is 4 months now and I feel like it was lifetimes ago that she was born. Between RSV and the flu plus the infection she got at the […]

Feed The Baby 

Please follow and like us:0Let’s just do two blog posts while we are at it!  Breast feeding month 4! Here we are in month 4 of breast feeding and I can’t believe just how fast time is flying by.  As we fly through month 4 I have to admit breast feeding has become super easy. […]

Sweet Summertime 

Please follow and like us:0 Hello summer. Rewind to a few months ago. I was both excited yet incredibly nervous for summer time. What would we do for 2 whole months of no school. How would I keep Allie busy and entertained ALL DAY LONG?! Would we sit around and butt heads constantly? I was […]